Modern wargaming falls neatly into three sub-categories:

  • land - This period is dominated by the War That Never Was, the potential conflict in Europe between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Yet the period is also rich in guerilla conflicts - Vietnam, Malaysia, Algeria - and limited wars - the Korean War, the Iran-Iraq War, the Indo-Pakistani Wars, the China-Vietnam War, the Falklands, and finally the Gulf War against Iraq. Almost in their own category are the series of Arab-Israeli Wars fought in this period.
  • sea - The modern period saw the rise of the missile as the dominant weapons system, and the continued evolution of the aircraft carrier and the submarine.
  • air - The Korean War is commonly thought of as the dawn of the jet fighter, and the Vietnam War saw the introduction of the first effective missile systems. Air warfare was an important part of the Arab-Israeli and Falkland conflicts as well.


22 September

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