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New Product Alert: Carrier Deck Decals
Japanese 1:2400 scale from Seabat Replicas
Naval SITREP 1:5, capsule


And You Thought You Were Widely Read
Reading List of the U.S. Air Command and Staff College
Naval SITREP 1:1, 1 page
Armored Ships
The Ships, Their Settings, and the Ascendancy that They Sustained for 80 Years
Naval Wargaming Review 1:5, 2 pages
Batfish: The Champion "Submarine-Killer" Submarine of World War II
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 3 pages.
A Battle History Of The Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945)
Naval Wargaming Review 1:1, 1 page
The Battle of Cape Esperance: Encounter at Guadalcanal
Naval Wargaming Review 1:3, 3 pages
The Battle of the Komandorski Islands
the last heavy gunfire action of WWII
Naval Wargaming Review 2:1, 3 pages
British Seapower and Procurement Between the Wars
Naval Wargaming Review 1:5, 3 pages
Building the Kaiser's Navy
Naval Wargaming Review 1:5, 3 pages
Code Name: Downfall
the planned invasion of Japan in WWII
Naval SITREP 1:6, 1 page
Combined Fleet Decoded
U.S. intelligence vs. the Japanese in WWII
Naval SITREP 1:5, capsule
Derailing the Tokyo Express
Naval Wargaming Review 1:3, 3 pages
The Devil's Device: Robert Whitehead and the History of the Torpedo
Naval Wargaming Review 1:2, 3 pages
Disaster in the Pacific: New Light on the Battle of Savo Island
Naval Wargaming Review 1:3, 4 pages
The Fleet the Gods Forgot
ABDA Fleet During the Early Pacific War
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 2 pages
The Ghost That Died at Sunda Strait
Story of the U.S.S. Houston
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 2 pages.
Graf Spee's Raiders: Challenge to the Royal Navy, 1914-1915
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 2 pages
The Japanese Merchant Marine in World War II
Naval Wargaming Review 1:2, 3 pages
Japan's Greatest Victory, Britain's Worst Defeat
the Singapore Campaign
Naval Wargaming Review 2:2, 3 pages.
The Kaiser's Pirates: German Surface Raiders in World War One
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 1 page
Lady Luck and the Navy Mystique - The Chenango in WW II
story of a CVE
Naval Wargaming Review 2:1, 2 pages
The Last Gentleman-of-War: The Raider Exploits of the Cruiser Emden
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 3 pages
A Naval History of World War I
Naval Wargaming Review 1:5, 1 page
The Naval Institute Guide to World Military Aviation
Naval SITREP 1:4, capsule
Red Sun Setting: The Battle of the Philippine Sea
Naval Wargaming Review 1:2, 2 pages
SALVO! Classic Naval Gun Actions
from 1894 to 1944
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 1 page
The Shame of Savo: Anatomy of a Naval Disaster
Naval Wargaming Review 1:3, 1 page
Shinano: The Sinking of Japan's Secret Supership
Naval Wargaming Review 1:3, 2 pages
The Ship That Held The Line: The U.S.S. Hornet and the First Year of the Pacific War
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 3 pages
Submarines in Combat
Naval Wargaming Review 1:5, capsule
U-Boat Commander: A Periscope View of the Battle of the Atlantic
Naval Wargaming Review 1:6, 1 page
U.S. Submarines Since 1945
Naval SITREP 1:2, capsule
War in the Boats: My WWII Submarine Battles
William Ruhe's eight war missions
Naval Wargaming Review 2:1, 1 page



Announcement and Press Release regarding Harpoon Classic
Naval SITREP 1:1, 1 page
Announcing Harpoon II Battleset 4 Regional Conflicts 1: China and the New World Order
Naval SITREP 1:6, capsule
Harpoon 4th Edition Delayed
Naval SITREP 1:2, Product Updates column, capsule
Silent Hunter, a Strategic Simulations Submarine Game
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, capsule


Aces of the Deep, 1939-1945
"Gripping U-Boat Combat in the Icy North Atlantic," from Dynamix
Naval Wargaming Review 2;5, 3 pages
Broadside II
Napoleonic naval combat from Computer Conflict
Courier 68, capsule
Carriers at War II - Fleet Carrier Operations in Southeast Asia, 1936-1946
From SSG.
Naval Wargaming Review 2:2, 2 pages.
Clear for Action - Napoleonic Naval Rules on Computer
Miniature Wargames 152, capsule
Great Naval Battles of the North Atlantic
From SSI.
Naval Wargaming Review 2:2, 4 pages.
From Software Sorcery.
Naval Wargaming Review 1:6, 4 pages.
Shipbase III
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 5 pages.
WWII - Battles of the South Pacific
Naval Wargaming Review 1:1, capsule


Brushfire '94 (Bloomsburg, PA)
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 2 pages.
Cold Wars '95
Naval Wargaming Review 1:6, 3 pages.
Historicon '95
Naval Wargaming Review 2:2, 3 pages.


1/6000 scale

New Product Alert: REAL Miniatures
from Hallmark Figures.
Naval SITREP 1:5, capsule.

1/3000 scale

1/3000 Napoleonic Naval Vessels
from Navwar Productions Ltd.
Miniature Wargames 150, capsule.

1/2400 scale

CinC Ships and Vehicles
1/2400 WWI, WW2, and modern ships from America
Minature Wargames 154, capsule.
Flag Galley
1/2400 scale in the Figurehead line, from Hallmark
Miniature Wargames 142, capsule.
GHQ 1/2400 Great War and WW2 Micronauts
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule.
Great War Micronauts, 1:2400 WW1 Ships
from GHQ
Miniature Wargames 150, capsule.
Viking Forge Minifleet 1/2400 WW2 Ships
American Oiler Cimmaron, Italian aircraft carrier Aquila
The Courier 68, capsule.
World War 2 Naval Scale 1/2400
from CinC
Miniature Wargames 141, capsule.

1/1200 scale

GHQ 1/1200 'Age of Sail' Micronauts
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule.

1/600 scale

1/600th ACW Ships by Thoroughbred Figures USA
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule.

1/300 scale

1/300 Danish Gunboat
from Langton Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 142, capsule.
Lindberg Classic Replica Series: Monitor and Merrimac
1/210 and 1/300 scales
Miniature Wargames 147, capsule.

15mm scale

15mm Vietnam Riverine Vessels
from Firebase Games
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule.


Gunfire Duel: The Battle of Guadalcanal
Naval Wargaming Review 1:1, 2 pages
Intelligence Factors in Scenario Design
how much should players know?
Naval Wagaming Review 2:1, 4 pages.


An Age of Sail Encounter off New London
a proposed ship duel during the War of 1812
Naval Wargaming Review 2:5, 2 pages
The Laws of the Navy
U.S. WWII naval lore - poem
Naval SITREP 1:6, 1 page
Ship Names - The Right Way
how ship names should be used
Naval SITREP 1:6, capsule
Wake Island Defenses - New Data
new info on the (recalled) reinforcements for Wake Island
Naval SITREP 1:5, capsule
A Wargamer's Guide to the Royal Swedish Navy's High Seas Fleet, 1788-1815
The Courier 68, 2 pages


United States Navy Memorial
Naval Wargaming Review 1:2, 1 page


Kitbash Corner: The Canadian Rivers
WWII corvette
Naval SITREP 1:4, 1 page
Kitbash Corner: Gneisenau & Graf Spee 15" Conversions
alternate armaments
Naval SITREP 1:5, 1 page
Scratch Building 1/3000th Scale Pre-Dreadnoughts
Miniature Wargames 154, 3 pages (with illustrations)


Military Parade
Naval SITREP 1:1, capsule
The Naval SITREP
The Courier 68, capsule
Naval Wargaming Review
Naval SITREP 1:4, capsule
Plastic Ship Modeler
Naval SITREP 1:4, capsule




These rules can be applied to most published sets of rules. For optional rules designed for specific rules sets, look under the heading for that set of rules.

Command and Control: Ship Survivability
what to do with 100% damaged ships
Naval Wagaming Review 2:1, 3 pages.


New Product Alert
Naval colors from Floquil
Naval Wagaming Review 1:4, capsule.
Product Updates
Clash of Arms to publish WWII ship painting guide in '96
Naval Wagaming Review 1:4, capsule.



A U.S. Flight Deck Cruiser That Might Have Been
The Proposed CLV Class of 1932
Naval Wagaming Review 1:4, 3 pages.
Italian Aircraft Carriers in World War II
Naval SITREP 1:1, 1 page
The Olympia
Naval Wargaming Review 1:4, 9 pages.


Planning a Strike Package
Naval SITREP 1:1, 1 page
Strike Package Follow-up: Udbina
Naval SITREP 1:2, capsule

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