A Fistful of TOWsavailable on the Web A Fistful of Games
Battle Captain FEBA Ltd.
Beer and Pretzels Skirmish
Battles For Empire Publications
Bonedaddy Wargame Systemformerly available on the WebErik C. Battle
Challenger 2000 Tabletop Games
Close And Destroy Timeline Ltd.
Corps Commander Tabletop Games
East of Suez Quick Reaction Force
FEBA Quick Reaction Force
Firefight Tabletop Games
FireForce!available on the WebDavid Manley
Hell By Daylight Anschluss Publishing
Hell and Fateful Decisions Anschluss Publishing
Leopard WiA
Maxim to Minimiavailable on the Web SOTCW
MBT Avalon Hill
Modern Africa Gauntlet Publications
Sand, Oil and Blood Sutton Hoo Games
Scudbusters Gauntlet Publications
Simple Low-Tech Microarmour Rulesavailable on the Web Paul Roberts
Skirmish '90available on the Web SOTCW
Tactical Command Medallion Simulations
Ten Rounds Rapidavailable on the WebWrexham and District Wargames Club
Ten Rounds Rapid - Modernavailable on the WebWrexham and District Wargames Club
Treads & Turretscomputer-assisted miniatures rulesavailable on the Web Armoursoft
WFG's Frontline! Stone Mountain
WRG 1950-2000 Wargames Research Group
Zulu Companyavailable on the Web Gauntlet Publications

Combined Arms GDW
Recruit War Zone
Total Conflict D.B. Publishing
Tractics Tactical Studies Rules

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21 October 1999added Modern Africa
6 October 1999added FEBA,
East of Suez
1 October 1999Bonedaddy available again
22 September 1999Bonedaddy no longer online
28 August 1999added Challenger link
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