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The Index

Arab-Israeli Wars

Book Reviews

The Israeli War
Miniature Wargames 147, capsule

Book Reviews

Armour Attacks: A Review of a Solo Wargaming Book
Choose-your-own-adventure style book involving the M1A1 Abrams tank
Miniature Wargames 141, capsule
CIA Special Weapons and Equipment
The Courier 64, capsule
Infantry Support Weapons
Miniature Wargames 153, capsule
Marine Recon 1940-90
Miniature Wargames 140, capsule
Military Transport, Trucks and Transporters
Miniature Wargames 145, capsule
Modern Military Land Rovers 1971-94
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
The New Encyclopedia of Handguns and Small Arms
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
The SAS: Savage Wars of Peace
Miniature Wargames 152, capsule


Exercise Tramontana '94, Part I
Hypothetical '90s intervention in Algeria.
Miniature Wargames 151, 5 pages (2 maps)
Exercise Tramontana '94, Part II
OBs for French, Italian, Spanish units, plus rules for mini-campaign featuring French Foreign Legion
Miniature Wargames 151, 5 pages (1 map)

Figure Reviews

20mm Korean Figures
from Matchlock Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 143, capsule
20mm Tank Crew Figures
from S&S Models
Miniature Wargames 143, capsule
Ferret Mk2
from Archer Models
Miniature Wargames 143, capsule
GHQ 1/285 WW2 and Modern Micro-Armour
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule
New Micro Armour from GHQ
The Courier 68, capsule


Please Rinse and Return*
Diplomatic game about the future of Hong Kong
Miniature Wargames 148, 2 pages
The Smell of Beach Bars in the Morning
U.S. Marine landing scenario
Miniature Wargames 146, 2 pages (1 map)
(expanded form of scenario originally published in The Journal


Command Decision

Back into the Battle Taxis!
stats for modern IFVs and APCs (Czech, France, Germany, Russia, UK, USA)
Command Post 10, 3 pages
The Kiowa Warrior and the U.S. Cavalry
stats for the OH-58D(I), OB for Divisional Cavalry Squadron, and suggested rules
Command Post 10, 1 page

Other Rules

Battle Captain
game review
The Courier 64, capsule
Battleground Tactical Rules
review of squad-level game intended for use with 20mm figures, from Scott Gray
The Courier 68, capsule


The Breakup of the Russian Federation?
Stand-alone diplomatic game of the political crisis in Russia
Miniature Wargames 140, 5 pages

Vietnam War

Figure Reviews

1/72 Vietnam Figures
from Figures Armour Artillery
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule
15mm Vietnam Riverine Vessels
from Firebase Games
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule.
Faust Studios
25mm figures
Miniature Wargames 145, capsule.

Terrain Item Reviews

15/20mm Vietnam Scenery
from Firebase Games
Miniature Wargames 140 (reprinted in 148), capsule

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