19th Century


Since both the Napoleonic period and the American Civil War are sufficiently popular to warrant their own categories, that means "the 19th Century" here means "everything else except Napoleon and Robert E. Lee."

And that leaves:

  • Colonial - This is the culminating period of Western Colonialism, pitting advanced technology against the brave native hordes of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The British Empire's colonial wars are best known, but all of the European powers (and the United States) took some role in the fighting.
  • the American West - In some ways just an extension of the Colonial Wars, this genre not only recreates the Indian Wars of the 19th Century, but also caters to every shoot-out and band robbery in any Western movie ever made.
  • the Prussian Wars - This was also the century when Prussia, through a series of victorious wars, initiated the steps that would climax in the unification of the German states.

The naval warfare of this period often falls into other categories, as the century begins at the height of the Age of Fighting Sail, then sees the rise of the ironclads during the American Civil War, and ends with naval battles between the Japanese, the Russians, and the Chinese which are often covered by World War One naval rulesets.


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