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Early American Wars
"This is a list dedicated to the wars (and wargames) that resulted from the contacts between European and Indigenous American Nations, Cultures, and Tribes. While not adverse to 'What-ifs,' the intent is to primarily deal with historically based conflicts, their cause, their results, and their portrayal in wargames, particularly miniatures-oriented rules. Time period is primarily late 1400's through middle 1800's. Later and current conflicts are not the main purview of this list and are best served on other lists. Respect and good manners are expected from list members, even if the discussion turns controversial in nature. "
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Modern Wargames Mailing List
"Discussions on wargaming periods from 1815 to the present (or near future) including: games, rules figures and just about everything else."
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"This list is for the discussion of naval wargaming of the ironclad era, approximately 1860 to 1880. Topics may include any aspect of the history and gaming of this period."
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