19th Century Warfare

Century of Glory Xeno Games
Colonial Rulesavailable on the Web Wrexham & District Wargames Club
Cousin Jonathanavailable on the Web The Perfect Captain
Davey Jones Locker Sutton Hoo Games
Devil's Wind Caper Conflicts
Din of Battle (Piquet) Piquet, Inc.
Fast Play Rules
For Napoleonic and Crimean Wargames
Newbury Rules
Fire and Steel WRG
Fix Bayonets! Imagine Image Multimedia
Imperius Maximusavailable on the Web Neil Laird
Kriegsspiel Bill Leeson
March or Die B&B Miniatures
Principles of War Tom Penn
Rocket's Red Glare Canadian Wargamers Group
Simple Jungle Wargames Rulesavailable on the Web Steve Burt
Soldiers of the Queen Tabletop Games
Sudan Jihad Caper Conflicts
The Sword and the Flame And That's The Way It Was
Tuan Cellmate Miniatures
Volley & Bayonet The Emperor's Headquarters
Warfare in the Industrial Age Tabletop Games
War in India NLWG Publications
Warring Empires Chris Pringle
Zulu Tabletop Games
Zulu War Rulesavailable on the Web Steve Burt
The Zulu Warsavailable on the Web Wrexham & District Wargames Club

Camerone Gauntlet
Dragoon vs. Hussar Balboa Game Company
Fields of Honor Pinnacle Entertainment Group/
Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment
Little Wars H.G. Wells
Long Knife Greenfield
Palo Alto to Peking Palisades Publishing, Inc
Soldier's Companion GDW
Zulu Little Soldier Games

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