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The only problem with TMP is being surrounded by idiots like me.

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Discovered real miniatures in 1974 after years of painting toy army men and playing "little wars" of my own invention. "The 300 Spartans" changed my life and I've never lost my love for ancients while also branching out into the Medieval, Napoleonic, Colonial and Jacobite Rebellion eras. I served a stint as a Game Wizard at TSR Hobbies in the early 80s and also designed games for Metagaming and Coleco before bailing out of the game industry except as a freelancer and hobbyist. I also love classic hex wargames and Axis & Allies-type things. I am currently out of work and looking actively for a new position. I can't earn a living by music alone, although I do perform professionally on occasion. Fear me, for I play the bagpipes! Visit my Facebook site for more silly pictures and tomfoolery: link and see my painted toys galleries here: link Yes, ZARDOZ is my patron deity.

Games Played

Various home-brewed rules sets (because hardly anyone makes good rules for the periods/scales I am active in) -- I own thousands of 25mms for Greco-Persian wars, Rome vs. Barbarians, Medievals, High Fantasy, the Alamo, 1745 Jacobite Rebellion, Wild West skirmish; The Sword & the Flame; currently building 20mm plastic Napoleonic armies, Gangster figures for Jazz Age skirmishes, Irish 1916 rebellion conflicts, and Pulp Adventure. I need more gaming opponents! In the Central Texas/Austin area? Email me privately!
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