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The Index

Boer War

Figure Reviews

15mm Boer Figures
from Tin Soldier
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule



'Various and Fantastic'
Arms and armour overview
Wargames Illustrated 83, 5 pages

Franco-Prussian War

Historical Background

The Mitrailleuse in the Franco-Prussian War
Wargames Illustrated 83, 2 pages


The Battle of Weissenberg - A Scenario for "They Died For Glory"
game report
The Courier 69, 3 pages
Three Roads to Paris
Playtests of They Died For Glory, Grand Bataille Grande Victoire, and In The Age of Bismark and Napoleon III
The Courier 64, 8 pages


Figure Reviews

Wellington in India from Redoubt
25mm scale
The Courier 68, capsule

Mexican War

Figure Reviews

25mm US/Mexican War 1845/46 Figures
from 1st Corps
Miniature Wargames 153, capsule

Portuguese Colonial Warfare

Chasing the Lion of Gaza, Part I
The Tonga Rising of 1894-5 (Mozambique)
Miniature Wargames 144, 6 pages (4 maps)
Chasing the Lion of Gaza, Part II
The Fall of Gungunhana, 1895
Miniature Wargames 145, 4 pages (3 maps)
Chasing the Lion of Gaza, Part III
Unit organization, uniforms, and figure guide
Miniature Wargames 146, 3 pages (includes uniform plates)



Blind Man's Buff
Kriegspiel Newsletter 27, 7 pages (1 map)
Kriegspiel Scenario
Kriegspiel Newsletter 28, 4 pages (1 map)

Volley & Bayonet

Volley & Bayonet Napoleonic Rules by GDW
game review
The Courier 68, capsule

Russo-Turkish War (1877-8)

Book Reviews

Armies of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78
Miniature Wargames 152, capsule

Seven Weeks War

Historical Background

1866...and all that
The Bad Langensalza Campaign (western Germany)
Wargames Illustrated 83, 3 pages (small maps, OB missing)

The Sudan


For a Few Feathers More
Based on the movie, "The Four Feathers." Intended for The Sword and the Flame rules system.
The Courier 68, 3 pages (1 map)

War of 1812


'A Scandalously Managed Affair', Part I
The Battle of Sackett's Harbour, 1813, Part 1
Miniature Wargames 152, 5 pages (3 maps)
'A Scandalously Managed Affair', Part II
Miniature Wargames 153, 6 pages (3 maps)
'Remember the Raisin!', Part I
Frenchtown, 18th and 22nd January, 1813
Miniature Wargames 139, 3 pages (2 maps)
'Remember the Raisin!', Part II
Miniature Wargames 140, 4 pages (2 maps)
'Where is the Line? Where is the Line?!'
Stoney Creek, 6th June 1813
Miniature Wargames 149, 6 pages (4 maps)

The Zulu War

Book Reviews

Fearful Hard Times
The Siege and Relief of Eshowe, 1879
Miniature Wargames 141, capsule

Figure Reviews

from Connoisseur Figures, scale not stated
The Courier 64, capsule


Wargaming the Zulu War, Part I
Miniature Wargames 147, 3 pages (2 maps)
Wargaming the Zulu War, Part II
Rorke's Drift (includes stand-alone rules)
Miniature Wargames 149, 5 pages (3 maps)
Wargaming the Zulu War, Part III
Rorke's Drift (part 2), Nyezane, Gingindlovu
Miniature Wargames 150, 5 pages (3 maps)
Wargaming the Zulu War, Part IV
The Battles of Ntombe and Hlobane
Miniature Wargames 152, 4 pages (2 maps)
Wargaming the Zulu War, Part V
The Battle of Khambula
Miniature Wargames 153, 3 pages (1 map)

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