World War One


The Great War is a time of endings and beginnings. The end of the cavalry charge. The beginning of machineguns and modern artillery. The final period of dominance for the gun-armed warship. The first tanks and armored cars. The beginning of war in the skies. The dawn of the submarine.

The air war is the most popular among wargamers, charmed by the colorful aircraft and their also-colorful pilots.

The naval war also has its fans. The First World War offers the last chance to wargame naval conflicts without the concerns and complications of the air force. Although the War featured few if any triumphs at sea, gamers are free to use the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy as they will...

As for the ground war, it is often characterized as "trench warfare" and written off as unplayable. However, even if this were the case, the Great War offers many opportunities besides the stalemate on the Western Front - Lawrence in Arabia! German East Africa! Hindenburg in the East! And in the final years in the West, you can experiment with German infiltration tactics or the fledgling Allied armor.


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