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Book Reviews

The First Balkan War, 1912-1913
Miniature Wargames 145, capsule
The Ottoman Army
Miniature Wargames 144, capsule

Figure Reviews

15mm Renault FT17 Tank
from BW Models
Miniature Wargames 140 (reprinted in 147), capsule
20mm World War I Figures
French artillery limber, German 77mm gun and crew, Turkish infantry - from Tumbling Dice Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
20mm World War One Russians
from Shire Design
Miniature Wargames 143, capsule
B&B Miniatures 20mm Russian Civil War Machine Gun Troops
The Courier 69, capsule
Brittania Miniatures 20mm WWI Infantry
early war British and German
The Courier 64, capsule
Short 184 Torpedo Bomber
from Langton Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 142, capsule
Tumbling Dice Miniatures WWI/WWII
British/Canadian/New Zealand infantry in shorts, 20mm scale
The Courier 69, capsule


C.Q.P. 1914 to 1918, Part I
Simple set of rules for close infantry combat at section and company level, covering trench warfare on the Western Front
Miniature Wargames 142, 5 pages (including charts)


three mini-scenarios (includes all needed rules)
Miniature Wargames 153, 3 pages
Over the Plonk
Trench Raiding (includes all needed rules)
Miniature Wargames 154, 3 pages
A Pill-Box with Walls of Steel
Skirmish-level trench-and-tank fight (includes all needed rules)
Miniature Wargames 139, 4 pages

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