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Early 20th Wars
"This list is devoted to wargaming and warfare in the early 20th century, including the Russo-Japanese War, World War I, and the Russian Civil War. Suggested Topics: sources, terrain making methods, miniatures, favourite rules and House rules, discussions of games played and scenarios, painting and modeling tips and uniform information. This list is neutral both on rules and on scale."
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Modern Wargames Mailing List
"Discussions on wargaming periods from 1815 to the present (or near future) including: games, rules figures and just about everything else."
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"Topics welcome on miniature wargames dealing with any 20th century military action, though we focus mainly on the period from WWI to the Gulf War and more recent conflicts. This list is meant as an informal method of exchanging ideas and information only. We do not promote any set of rules, preferring instead to focus on topical rather than rules-specific concerns."
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Discussion list for military history of the First World War. To subscribe, send an e-mail to listproc@raven.cc.ukans.edu with the body of the message consisting solely of "subscribe wwi-l Your Name"

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