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Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Fantasy Rules!26%
Warhammer Fantasy15%
Clan War13%
Hordes of the Things8%
Armies of Arcana7%
Dark Heaven Apocalypse7%
De Bellis Multitudinis with Fantasy Supplement3%
Knights and Magick2%
Robert's Rules of Warfare2%
A Fistful of Miniatures1%
Armati with house rules1%
Fantasy Conquest1%
Fantasy Warlord1%
Rencounter with house rules1%
Spear & Shield1%
The Overlord's Tower1%
Warrior Kings with house rules1%
Warzone with house rules1%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Warhammer Fantasy45%
Fantasy Rules!21%
Hordes of the Things21%
Clan War15%
Armies of Arcana11%
De Bellis Multitudinis with Fantasy Supplement11%
Dark Heaven Apocalypse9%
Knights and Magick5%
Fantasy Warriors3%
Robert's Rules of Warfare2%
Armati with house rules1%
Fantasy Conquest1%
Fire Storm1%
Legendary Battles1%
Rencounter with house rules1%
Warzone with house rules1%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played48%
2 rules played35%
3 rules played14%
4 rules played2%
6 rules played1%
7 rules played1%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Warhammer Fantasy84%
Fantasy Rules!46%
Hordes of the Things46%
Clan War28%
De Bellis Multitudinis with Fantasy Supplement28%
Fantasy Warriors20%
Dark Heaven Apocalypse17%
Armies of Arcana12%
Knights and Magick6%
Fantasy Warlord5%
15mm Rules for Fantasy Armies3%
Robert's Rules of Warfare3%
Dragon Hordes3%
Legendary Battles3%
Fantasy Conquest2%
Down Styphon2%
Spear & Shield2%
Fantasy Wargaming1%
Te Wapen!1%
Wreaking Havoc1%
Armati with house rules1%
Chaos Wars1%
Fire Storm1%
Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age1%
Swords and Spells1%

Number of Rules Tried
number of rules playedpercentage
2 rules played18%
3 rules played18%
5 rules played17%
4 rules played15%
1 rules played8%
6 rules played7%
7 rules played5%
9 rules played5%
8 rules played4%
10 rules played2%
13 rules played1%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Up To Ten Years36%
Up To Twenty Years27%
Two to Three Years17%
Twenty Years or More14%

Voters, By Region
North America84%
Western Pacific4%
Southeast Asia1%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
With a friend or two57%
At the local club26%
At the local game store11%
At gaming conventions2%

Number of Armies
number of armies owned or usedpercentage
1 army/armies32%
2 army/armies16%
4 army/armies15%
3 army/armies12%
5 army/armies5%
7 army/armies5%
8 army/armies4%
11 army/armies3%
6 army/armies2%
13 army/armies1%
17 army/armies1%
23 army/armies1%
10 army/armies1%
18 army/armies1%
19 army/armies1%
9 army/armies1%

Armies Owned/Used
armies owned or usedpercentage
Men - Medieval40%
Men - Ancient20%
Elf - Wood/Sylvan17%
Men - Barbarian/Tribal14%
Elf - High Elf14%
Men - Asian13%
Elf - Dark/Drow11%
Men - Amazons6%
Men - Arabic6%
Men - Other6%
Elf - Other5%
Avian (flying)2%
Chaos Dwarf2%
Men - Slavic2%
Barsoomian - Heliumite1%
Men - New World1%

Scales Used
figure scalepercentage

Number of Scales
number of figure scale(s) used
(per person)
1 figure scale(s) used55%
2 figure scale(s) used39%
3 figure scale(s) used5%
4 figure scale(s) used1%

Scott Perry

4,000 pts of Khorne Chaos Warriors (me) vs. 5,000 pts of Lizardmen (no big characters). Scenerio was Plague Fleet of Chaos Warriors land in Lustria to attack the Temple of Urk-Nok and recover a lost Daemon bound by a Slann Mage Priest. Lizards came on in d3-1 units per turn, with 1,500 starting temple guard and asorted skinks. 6 turn game, started well for me but I was slow due to no calvary. By the time I was getting into combat the turns were against me and most of his army was deployed. The end result was I was "pushed back" by turn limits, we aggreed the entire city would have been alerted and enroute after the 6 turns. A fun game, but too much distance to cover on foot. We played on a 6'x10' table.

First time here, no suggestions. Like that you view all games as playable and fun, I play WFB mostly due to proliferation, but Battle Storm and Battle System are both fun, too. [8 Nov 1999]

Igor Pouilllon

I played a Demonworld game with my Imperium army against one of my best friend who have a Bear Thain army(they are barbarian). He tried to go to close combat but my bowmens and guns were not agree. Those barbarians were fast all dead when they finally arrive to fight. I won it was a great game [3 Nov 1999]

Ted Lyng

My last game was an unnamed battle between Tsolyanu and Yan Kor during the great northern war. The Tsolyani deployed some fanatics (Legion of Red Devastation), some bowmen, some flying Hlaka scouts, an assortment of medium and heavy infantry, and 2,000 Ahoggya extra-heavy troops. The Yan Koryani deployed a larger number of medium and just 1,000 Shen as heavies. The Yan Koryani also had Hlaka. Both sides deployed skirmishers. Since the game was played without a referee, hiding behind terrain and cloaking magic etc. were not factors. I will not bore you with all the details but the Tsolyani won by deploying their Ahoggya effectively. The Ahoggya managed to avoid reduction by enemy archers and proved unstoppable against the Yan Koryani medium troops. The Yan Koryani never managed to use his superior numbers effectively to outflank the Tsolyani (he was constrained by terrain somewhat). Only the Shen might have stopped the Ahoggya, but they were on the opposite wing and it was all over by the time they could have neared. I noted two tactical points: 1) Wheeling and maneuvering is slow and elaborate machinations often do not pay off as much as careful attention to the opening set up. 2) Hlaka are very effective but you must avoid losing any since they break morale quite easily. [10 Oct 1999]


HOTT with a difference. Medieval fantasy vs Ent army. Knights won. Close game. [27 Sep 1999]

Dennis Mrosewske

My orcs were holding their own against the hordes of Chaos in front of them when my General and his Boar Boyz decided to turn tail and were cut down by some plaguebearers, with that the rest of my army freaked out and headed for the hills, another loss by the massively cowardly orcs and gobbos. [23 Sep 1999]


Huge battle of 10,000 pts per side with 3 players a side. It was a WFB games with Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, and Beastmen verses Dwarf and empire. The good guys won (Chaos that is). [18 Sep 1999]

Michael Walsh

DBF 300 pts on 15.9.99 Undead with Orc allies defeated Lizardmen after killing the Lizardman CinC mounted on Triceratops which had crushed most of the skeleton warband. A close game. [17 Sep 1999]

ganth yesky

Although my favorite mass-combat system is Demonworld, it is not very often found here in the USA. When I was in Germany for a short stay i played it every weekend. But my last fantasy game was a HOTT game using Pendraken's 10mm Goblins vs Lizardmen.

Talk about quick!!!! The Gobos did not do they Gods right.. After the first clash of units, the Lizardmen feasted upon Gobo flesh!! Three complete turns later, Lizardmen ruled! My dice Gods forfeitted me to the Lizardmen. All of my 1 rolls were against his 5 or 6 rolls. It was ugly, if anything could be uglier than Goblins and Lizardmen!!! We played a second game, switching sides. Nope, it was my God that had forsaken me. Once again, in less than 30 minutes the Goblins were wearing new lizard skin boots!!! My dice God for that day were gone... Great fun though. We played two games in about one and a half hours!!! [17 Sep 1999]

blake radetzky

Last Fantasy Mass-Combat was between two FR! Renaissance Armies. One lead by the Hockmiester and the other lead by Sir Thomas.

Sir Thomas had very strong belief in the one God and had acquired the Witch Hunter Drimm to help purge the evil magic of the Hockmiester. Sir Thomas' army consisted of 4 pike units, 4 handweapon units, 2 crossbow units, 2 handgun units, 2 heavy cavalry units, Brother Bob to help the wounded, and the Alchemist Watson.

The Hockmiester wanting no part of a silly war about who could or should not use magic employed the beast keepers to provide a rather good sized dragon to help stamp out this Sir Thomas and Drimm before the whole countryside took up arms. He also gather the Imperial army of 2 Imperial Pike units, 2 handweapon units, 2 crossbow units, 3 mounted knights, 1 light cavalry, the local shaman, Tim and Imperial Alchemist Vilhem.

Both armies approched the valley that the Hockmiester had maneuvered Sir Thomas into so the Hockmiester could make better use of his larger numbers of mounted knights.

As the battleline clashed, there was much pushing by the pikes on both sides. The Knights moved around the left flank of Sir Thomas's battleline ready to crash into the worried looking handweaponmen, when suddenly, Alchemist Watson sprang both his traps and stopped the two lead units of knights. Much to the relief Sir Thomas!

One of the Imperial Pikes units fled the center of the Hockmiester's battleline and Sir Thomas's men began to rush throught he gap when the Hockmiester unleased the beast... It had six heads and spat fires of death upon the helpless enemy.

Meanwhile on the right flank, the 2 heavy cavalry units of Sir Thomas's army made the circuit and crashed into the Hockmiester's flankd and it started to crumble. The wedge in the center was made wider. Brother Bob was remarkable and worked wonders on the wounded! Witch Hunter Drimm was kept busy keeping the Hockmiester's evil spawn shaman from causing trouble on the battlefield.

Finally, the Knights broke free of those worrisome traps and the Hockmiester joined the lead unit to settle this battle once and for all. But glory was not to be for the Hockmiester, as he shook his knights out into a battleline to charge, the terrible shrilling screams of a half dozen throats broke through the rage of battle. Piercing the eardrum of all who were near, as the great beast had been surround and fell to the pikes of Sir Thomas.

Seeing the great beast fall was too much for the Imperial army. Those closest to the beast droped their weapons and fled. The right flank was gone, Tim and Vilhem were fleeing for their lives! The Hockmiester reformed his knights and covered the retreat of his broke army... The Hockmiester vowed that Sir Thomas would PAY! [17 Sep 1999]

Chris Remo

I am currently running a map-based Warhammer Fantasy Campaign, with armies from Dwarves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Chaos Dwarves, and Lizardmen. So far: Dwarves: 0-0 High Elves: 2-0 Wood Elves: 2-1 Chaos Dwarves: 0-2 Lizardmen: 1-0 [15 Sep 1999]


My last game was a medium sized battlesystem battle. The theme was good vs. evil and each side had 6 units. The battle lasted a few hours and ended when, after charging down a hill, the orc spearmen caused the elf cavalry to rout. Due to the lay of the land most of the good army was routed. The forces of evil were victorious because good is dumb. [6 May 99]

Joseph B. Prozinski

A game of Clan War at a local game store. It was a basic game with the units from the boxed set. We each had a unit of unaligned archers and unaligned infantry. I had the Crab Clan personality that comes with the box and my opponnent had the Crane Clan personality. It was a very close game. I lost because of a rash of bad dice rolls with my archers on one turn. I did no damage and the archers were spent for a turn because of the tactics card I played on the unit before they attacked. A very enjoyable game with excellent miniatures. [16 Apr 99]

Jeff Bolton

My Dwarves vs Elves. HOTTs. 72AP per side. The battle was hard fought. The Elves introduced a God and Aerial Hero early in the game. But the stout dwarves hung on, scaring the God off and slaying the hero. Elf Behemoths proved to be most effective against dwarven Spears. The final fight was between the Elf behemoths and wizard and a cobbled-together line of dwarve crossbows and artillery. The dwarves finally triumphed, driving the last elves from the field. Both sides had suffered extrememly heavy casualties.

HOTTs is easily the best of the WRG offerings. It is fun, fast, and adaptable. It lends itself to a wide variety of figures. Besides the more common sword and sorcery fantasy armies, I am aware of a Plains Indian, American Civil War, and British Colonial armies in the local area. A friend is also threatening to make an army from his old Space 1889 figures. [6 Apr 99]

Will Postell

Played a 25mm HOTT Humans vs. Orcs game with my new girlfriend. She played humans and won. [24 Mar 99]

Chaz Elliott

Skaven vs dwarves. Warhammer scenario the Skaven won [17 Mar 99]

Arthur Friend

Humans against Orcs, Orcs routed the humans thanks to brillant commands and decent dice... [4 Mar 99]

Brian Ritterlich

It was Dark Heaven Apocalypse and myself and two friends played a free for all. I played my Dire-dead army against Tom's Elves and Jon's Human barbarians. The Humans cleaned my plow but I almost totally destroyed all of the Elves. [1 Mar 99]

chipc harrison

A major biffo between druidic and hellenic armies. [16 Feb 99]

Thomas Whitten

I played an Evil army against a Roman Myth army using Chipco's Fantasy Rules 2nd ed. The game was won when the moral clock reach zero and the Evil army won on points. [15 Feb 99]

Bruce McGeorge

Clan War: 2000 Koku battle between the Dragon and Unicorn Clan. There was a serious amount of experimentation, especially on the Dragon side. Some key Dragon morale failures put the Unicorn in a clear, inevitable victory and the Dragon surrendered. Game took much longer than expected as we hashed out rule after rule... [15 Feb 99]