Land Warfare

Title Publisher
A Fistful of Sardaukaravailable on the Web A Fistful of Games
AnimOuch! CAWS
The Artists of Waravailable on the Web Tom Knight
The Company Rules Peter Pig
Critter Commandos Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Dark Horizon: Escape Advanced Primate Entertainment
Digital Empires Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Dirtside II Ground Zero Games
Dixie 2000 A Fistful of Games
Epic 40,000 Games Workshop
Firefight Alternative Armies
Flashpoint! Virtual Fusion Press
Galactic Conflictavailable on the Web Deathskull
Generic Legionsavailable on the Web Armoursoft
Havok Hobbygames
Hell by Starlight Wessex Games
Hellfire Wessex Games
Hell on the Margin Irregular
High Crusade Wessex Games
Holes Tri Tac Systems
Into the Lazerzone Andrew Finch
Invasion: Shepherds Bush Greenavailable on the Web Mark Hannam
Iron Cow Wessex Games
"Is This Just Another Bug Hunt"available on the WebWrexham and District Wargames Club
Jump Trooperavailable on the Web A Fistful of Games
Kryomek Simtac
Laserburn Tabletop Games
LaserGrenadiers Godfox Enterprises
Legions of Steel Global Games
Legions of the Void Nashtar Games
Macho Women with Guns BTRC
Omega Warrior Flagship Games
Prophecy of Waravailable on the Web Anthony Butcher
Railgun 2100available on the Web A Fistful of Games
Sci-fi Rules Warrior
Shock Force Demonblade
Slammeravailable on the Web Chris and Alex Nicole
$tar Corp$: Call to Battle! Lance & Laser Models
Stargrunt II Ground Zero Games
Starguard Reviresco Products
STaR SoLDieR Pewtercraft
Star Wars Miniatures Rules West End Games
Tactical Strike Atlantic Games
Terran Wars 2275 MG Games, Inc.
Warhammer 40,000 Games Workshop
Warzone Excelsior Entertainment

Title Publisher
Blaze of Glory Geoffrey J. Schaller
Bughunt Guy Force
Centurion Nightshift Games
Gorkamorka Games Workshop
Princess Ryans' Space Marines Sutton Hoo Games
Striker II Emperor's Headquarters
Vor the Maelstrom FASA

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20 October 1999added Slammer
5 October 1999added Prophecy of War
4 October 1999added Vor the Maelstrom
30 September 1999added Tactical Strike link
27 August 1999added A Fistful of Sardaukar,
Jump Trooper
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