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Shipbase III, Chart Wars/Space Waste, Slargeball, and The Book of Ships have been sold to Critical Hit.

AddressBudd Lake, New Jersey

"Since we sold off all our commercial inventory and switched over from a PA S-Corporation to a freeware house, all current ArmourSoft products are available in the form of free downloads from the web site. There's a wide variety of game-related stuff on the web site but most of it is geared towards miniature wargaming.

"In the Ongoing Projects department, we've got The Book of Tanks, a wargamer's guide to tanks & armoured vehicles of the world from around 1916 to the present. We just released Red Chicken Rising, the first (and probably only) set of tactical spaceship combat rules to start out with a shower scene, and we've got a set of WWII microarmour rules called Panzer III in development.

"Also in the queue are a new upgrade to Generic Legions, and a campaign system set in the GL universe called Fallen Empires, Fallen Pants."

This entry last updated on 24 July 2003

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