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Great site, have spent some time browsing through it and I stumbled upon something that I feel I should contact you about: The link to Blaze of Glory is not working. Do you know if they have moved and if so where?

We too were curious, so we tracked down Geoffrey Schaller - one of the designers of Blaze of Glory - who wrote:

Geoffrey J. Schaller (

I'm hitting a snag, as the other two authors seem to have lost interest, but every time I ask them to give me the rights if they are going to give up, they complain. I'll give them another kick in the rear and see if it goes anywhere...

Since then, we couldn't reach Geoffrey for a few years. At last, he wrote us again:

Geoffrey J. Schaller (

After the 3 main authors graduated college, we went separate ways - I moved back to Philly, Dan to Berkley, and Pete to Seattle. We mainted email contact for a while, but we could no longer get together to playtest, and interest in the game petered off after a while. I tried to bring it back a few times, but each time we'd hit a snag (I switched jobs and locations several times, Graduate School work, etc.)

At this point, BoG is on hold, indefinately, due to lack of interest on the author's part (sad, but true). If we decide to move forward with it, I will make sure I let TMP know.

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