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Skirmish-level science fiction ground combat game, with detailed background. Though the primary focus is on human (Nexus) vs. alien (Kryomek) warfare, there is plenty of opportunity for human-on-human fighting as well. Human forces include convict infantry, assault troops, cybernetic units, tanks, and striders; weapons include machineguns, cannons, missiles, and gauss rifles. The Kryomek are biological terrors with different unit types (helions - close combat troops; warriors - armed with acid and sword; warmaster - leader and heavy weapons carrier). Each side has differing rules for unit integrity, command, and morale. Combat can take place on planetary surface, within human structures, or within alien hives. Rules based on Stargrunt system.
Period 3441-3507 IST, during mankind's expansion into the galaxy (the Great Push)
Scale Unstated. Official Kryomek figures and vehicles are available from the current publishers.
Basing Individual
  • 136-page rulebook (lavishly illustrated)
    sample page another sample page
  • 3 acetate template sheets (templates must be cut apart)
    one of three template sheets
  • 2 sheets of black-and-white markers and counters (must be cut apart)
    counter sheet another counter sheet
  • 3 record sheets (blank on one side, examples on the other)
    human infantry squad example record
    human vehicle record example
  • 2 reference cards (must be cut apart)
    front of reference card (human version) back of reference card
Designers John Grant, John Robertson, Ricardo Pinto, Rod Grant
Publisher Current edition published 1991 by Fantasy Forge; but available now from Kryomek USA or Kryomek Holdings LTD

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Includes comparisons with similar rulesets.

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