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Brief Description This clever set of rules allows players to create "characters" and stage combats in virtually any genre covered by Anime (a style of cartoon, usually associated with Japan). Characters can be heroes, transforming vehicles, or even starships. A flexible point system allows powers to be purchased based on their effects, regardless of the theory (i.e., laser beam, magic, or psionic bolt all cost the same if they have the same game results). The book includes background materials for a variety of science fiction and fantasy worlds, plus tips on constructing wargaming terrain. Roleplaying rules also included.
Period Anime Gaming (all periods and genres)
Scale Skirmish level. Ground scale varies, often the same or a factor of 10 compared to the figure scale. No time scale is given. Each figure represents an individual combatant.
Basing The designer suggests that figures should be based on "fairly regular polygonal bases." Heroes and Toughies are based individually, but Plebs and Civvies can be grouped together on the same base.
Contents 48-page rulebook
Designer Steve Gill (
Publisher First edition published 1995 by CAWS

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