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Rights acquired 2009 by Scale Creep Miniatures. Flagship Games is now the publishing arm of Scale Creep Miniatures.

AddressFlagship Games
c/o Scale Creep Miniatures
828 Davis Street, Suite 307
Evanston, Illinois
  • On to Richmond: A reprint of the classic originally published in The Courier magazine. Brigade-level rules for larger battles, includes numerous variants for other periods. Available as a PDF.
  • Pirates! 25mm pirate ship combat with rules, ship models and ordnance.
  • Taiko! samurai warfare in the grand manner! (We carry Minifig samurai to accompany the rules.)
  • Starship! True 3-D space combat with an authentic animé feel. Range includes starship models.
  • Mecha. Sci-Fi giant mecha combat. Includes the supplement Spirit Warrior Empire and a range of resin cast mecha models.
  • Omega Warrior. Sci-fi combat featuring battles between battlesuited uberwarriors duking it out for supremecy.
  • Habet, Hoc Habet! Rules for gladiatorial combat, including a fantastic campaign system that will see you battle for glory and wealth in ancient Rome!
  • Rampant Colonialism. Rules for recreating the great colonial adventures in miniature, from the late 18th century to the early 20th. Includes army list for the F&I War, WWI in the Middle East, and many in-between.
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