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The following information has been provided by Ground Zero Games:

GROUND ZERO GAMES (GZG) is a very small one-man operation, that one being me (Jon Tuffley). Having been an avid SF wargamer since the early 70s (OK, hands up, who else started skirmishing with Airfix Astronaut sets...!), GZG was actually started 10 years ago as a part-time extension to my own hobby. In 1991 I finally got to the point where I could turn it into a full-time business and the rest (as they say) is history.

The success and warmth with which Full Thrust and Dirtside II have been received by the SF gaming world has surprised me as much as anyone, and I'd like to extend a very sincere thank you to all of you who have bought them (and hopefully like them enough to continue playing).

GZG is and probably will remain, a tiny minnow in the sea of Big Corporate Fish - at least this allows me to write mainly what I want to, rather than what some market analyst tells me I should! Please rest assured that as long as you like what I'm turning out I'll continue to produce it.

Mike Elliott (, who many of you already know (on Internet at least), is not an employee/partner of GZG. In fact, he is not connected to GZG in any business sense. I stress this purely to make it clear that Mike is completely independent of any of GZG's business interests. Mike is a very good friend and extremely dedicated wargamer who gives me invaluable assistance on the rules development front purely for the fun of it - the only payment he gets is a few miniatures now and then, something which I feel very guilty about! As Mike works in the computer industry and has Internet access, he has been good enough to act as an intermediary for myself and GZG, with my full approval and support - in fact as co-developer of Dirtside II, Mike is probably better qualified than I am to answer rules queries on it!

Ground Zero Games also did contract-casting for a number of other companies, under the name Excelsior Casting. For instance, they designed and cast all of the original Bubble Gum Crisis figures for Anime Projects (now out of business). Ground Zero doesn't do much contract work anymore - "too busy casting our own stuff!" - and so the Excelsior brand name is no longer used.

AddressP.O. Box 337
Needham Market, Suffolk
ProductsDenizen fantasy range, StarGrunt 25mm Sci-fi figures, Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld characters
AustraliaEureka Miniatures
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