A Fistful of TOWs

Brief Description The game is intended to be a comprehensive, fast and playable simulation of post-WWII mechanized combat. It is playable in two scales - 1:5 scale (each player commands a large battalion or small regiment) and 1:1 scale (each player controls a large company-sized force). Rules include data for hundreds of modern vehicles and weapons systems. Helicopters, SADARMs, laser-guided artillery projectiles, IVIS, CITVs, point defense systems, and Warrior XXI troops are covered. Troop quality is emphasized.
Period Modern (post-WWII)
Scale Unknown
Basing Unknown
Contents PDF format file
Designer Ty Beard
Publisher First edition available 1998 from A Fistful of Games

Supplements Available

Dixie 2000 is an expansion that allows players to fight in a fictional American Civil War fought in the year 2000.

What You Think

Wes Smith (

I've played FFT for a couple of weeks now and it's a fast and bloody game. Units "die" fast in this game and the rules are well thought out. The only down side is that the vehicle lists need updating to the present time.

I can't wait for the WW2 version to show up.

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