Tactical Strike

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Rules system designed to be easy-to-learn and fast-paced, yet realistic. Players can design their own races or choose from those provided (Humans, Dwarves, Space Orx, Space Elves, Ogres, Space Ratz, Goblinoids, Giants, and Androids); they can also design their own vehicles. Points are spent to buy armies, spending equally on vehicles, equipment, and troops. Psionic abilities and squad skills can also be purchased. No army lists are provided, but are promised in future supplements.

During each game turn, players alternate activating individual squads. Extensive rules cover close and ranged combat, vehicular and mounted combat, and a wide variety of weapons and armor. Rules also include indirect fire, ramming, toxic gasses, fighting in buildings, morale and command.

Sixteen pages of fiction provide background for the Humans and Orx in the game universe. However, the background is strictly optional - since the players can design their own races and armies, the rules will work in multiple universes.

Period Science Fiction - generic
Ground Scale unstated
Time Scale unstated
Figure Scale 1 figure = 1 combatant?
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 25/28mm scale figures.
Basing Individual. (Note: Base size determines target modifiers)
Contents 120-page softcover book
Designers Denis Lavigne, Christopher L. Taylor, Glenn Willits, and the Enigma Design Team
Publisher First printing 1999 by Atlantis Games. Playtest versions were available online, but were withdrawn when the commercial product was released.

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