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Brief Description Players collect armies of a particular type (Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, Imperial Guard, Squats, Chaos, Tyranids), and use a point system to compose their units for each battle. Forces are composed of ordinary soldiers, vehicles, heavy weapons, and high-powered special characters. Rules allow for ranged and close-combat weapons, explosives, psionics, and a wide variety of army-specific equipment. Intended to be played with the miniatures produced by the publisher.
Period The nightmare future of the forty-first millenium
Scale Tactical. No ground or time scale is stated. Each miniature presumably represents an individual combatant. Designed for use with 25mm/28mm scale miniatures.
Basing Individual
Contents of boxed set
  • 7 booklets
    • 96-page rulebook
    • 96-page background book
    • 80-page equipment book
    • 24-page army list booklet (the so-called "Black Codex")
    • 16-page scenario booklet
    • 4-page "How To Play" starter pamphlet
    • basic painting guide
  • unique game dice
  • weapon templates
  • game cards
  • reference cards
  • cardboard ruins
  • 80 plastic figures
    • 20 Space Marines
    • 20 Goff Space Orks
    • 40 Gretchin
Designers Rick Priestley, Andy Chambers
Publisher Second edition published 1993 by Games Workshop

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