Brief Description One of the grand old science fiction rulesets (27 years old, as of '96). Originally "...a skirmish game built around fast-moving, jet-belt infantry...", Starguard has grown with the addition of rules for armor and heavy weapons. There are over twenty force types (human and alien), with complete backgrounds and equipment lists. Rules emphasize playability. It is a skirmish game - the firepower and movement capabilities of the individual jump trooper or powered armor-man are so great that large groups become tempting targets. The tactics of the jump trooper are slash and move - blow through and shoot. Fully compatible with Warbots & Death Machines.
Period Primarily 21st through 24th centuries
Scale Tactical. The ground scale is 1" equals 60'. One movement point is the equivalent of 2.7 mph. One turn represents 15 seconds. Each figure represents an individual combatant (man or alien, as the case may be). Official Starguard figures are available from Reviresco, but are not required for play.
Basing Individual
Contents 70 pages in binder, plus reference card
Designer John McEwan
Publisher Fifth edition published 1995 by Reviresco

What You Think

David Hornung (
An excellent set of rules for true Sci-Fi gamers!   The rules are fairly straight forward and play is easy.  There are a few gitches, but these should be ironed out.  The best part is that John McEwan supports his rules with an unbelievable line of minaitures.  The figures are very good and there are numerous variants and other alien races.

For those of you who like to tinker, I have found SG to be the easiest set of rules to add new races to. Starguard is also expandable to heavier weapons and robots (by using the companion rule set, Warbots & Death Machines.

Overall, an excellent value for the money and lots of fun.

Michael E. Bistrica (
I played Starguard back in college, about 20 years ago, and am glad to see that the rules are still available and someone still makes the miniatures. I still have my force of Power-armor troopers (17 ea) and 40 or so Dreenoi Bugs, though I haven't played a game in years.  Maybe I will start up again, especially now that I have a source for new units and troopers.

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