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J. Michael Tisdel ( writes:

After playing Flashpoint! for the first time last night, I have the following comments:

  1. The game is much smaller in scope than 40k in both number of figures and terrain pieces. This leads to much faster set up and play. Time required to buy forces is about the same as 40k.
  2. The combat rules, though confusing at first, are efficient and quick to apply. A single die roll resolves all direct fire attacks.
  3. The terrain generation rules make for more meaningful deployment. Especially in the Campaign Game, the defender can deploy some terrain to add to his defense.
  4. The lack of alien races is a minor draw back. For those with few human figures, this could indeed be a problem.
  5. The preparation time for purchasing forces and initial bookkeeping means that Flashpoint! is not a game to play when time is limited. However, 40k suffers in this aspect also.

In summary, Flashpoint! is a good second system to use with existing figures. The only expenditure is for the rule book, there are no supplements.

Jeff Nambu ( writes:

The rules are simple, and the game plays quickly as you get used to it.

Unfortunately the rules lack overwatch, and the points cost for grenades and missiles is excessive. You must pay the points cost for each individual grenade/missile. It becomes far too expensive to use them.

But, the variety of grenades and missile types is superior to what is now available to most troops in the 2nd ed. of wh40k.

Mark ( says:

We've been playing for a while now and like it a lot. It's a very nice change from 40k. (It really reminds me a lot of the old 40k.)

There are still very powerful characters, but in Flashpoint! everyone, and I mean everyone can get killed dead. The game plays fairly quickly, but requires a bit more bookkeeping than 40k, so it's not really suited for huge games, but you could still play them if you like.

The Flashpoint! campaign system is easy to use and looks like it will work really well.

It's great to find a game to play other than 40k. Up until now, the other 40k replacements' have been kind of dissapointing. Flashpoint! is great! We're able to use any minis and vehicles from any sci-fi mini game. The only thing that won't really work are genestealer/tyranid types. Oh, also there is no psychic.

Everyone in our group that has played it really likes it. Two big thumbs up!

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