Critter Commandos

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Brief Description This game focuses on combat between squads of ground troops, in a "wacky" universe where bullets don't do damage - they just tear "holes" that eventually make you fall apart until the next episode! The emphasis is on fun and playability. The fighting groups are anthropomorphic races: frogs, dogs, bats, sharks, rabbits, and so forth. A point system allows players to build and equip their squads. Rules also cover combat vehicles and giant robots. A universe background is included.
Period The 43,928th Intergalactic War
Scale Skirmish level. Ground scale is 1" = 6 feet. Each turn represents 30 seconds of actual combat. Each figure represents an individual combatant. Designed for use with the licensed figures from Lance & Laser.
Basing Individual
Contents 31-page rulebook, two sheets of uncut counters
Designer Paul Arden Lidberg (
Publisher First edition published 1989 by Crunchy Frog Enterprises

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The Publisher's Website
Includes a list of available miniatures, plus optional rules for using 40K figures under these rules.

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