VOR the Maelstrom

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Fast-paced tactical science-fiction combat game, between survivors of worlds absorbed by the cosmic Maelstrom. Boxed set includes rules, terrain pieces, and figures for two factions (North American Union and Growler). The background also covers several additional armies: Neo-Soviet Empire, Zykhee (8-foot-tall humanoids), the Shard (nanite crylstaloids), Pharon (dead race), Mashers (barbarians), Golems (machine-like symbiotes), and the Ceru (blue dwarves). Union, Growler, Neo-Soviet and Zykhee army lists are provided. In addition, rules allow players to devise stats for any figures they desire to use, and to design their own armies/forces.

Turn starts with players rolling for initiative; the winner can activate one of his units, or select an enemy unit which his opponent must activate. Play proceeds with players alternately activating their units. When a model is activated, it may spend its Move Points in order to accomplish Actions (such as moving, shooting, or holding/waiting, with different Actions having different point costs). The rules also cover vehicles, scenarios, campaigns, and the strange terrain found within the Maelstrom.

Period the Maelstrom, a cosmic vortex which swallows worlds
Ground Scale unstated
Time Scale unstated
Figure Scale 1 figure = 1 combatant?
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 25/28mm scale figures. Official VOR the Maelstrom miniatures are produced by Ral Partha.
Basing Individual.
ContentsBoxed set contains:
  • 136-page softcover rulebook
    rulebook cover
  • 16-page scenario booklet rulebook
    scenario booklet cover
  • clear plastic sheet of game templates (must be punched out)
    game templates sheet
  • 9 Union miniatures
  • 7 Growler miniatures
  • figure bases (14 standard slottabases and 4 large bases)
    bases, with trooper figure shown for scale
  • 5 plastic terrain walls
    terrain wall, with trooper figure shown for scale
  • 2 ten-sided dice
  • illustrated color catalog sheet
  • mail-order form
  • product response card
  • coupon (allows user to buy additional Growlers by mail-order, before they are available in stores)
Designer Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen (theskuzz@sprynet.com)
Publisher First edition published 1999 by FASA.

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