Science Fiction

"Science fiction gaming" covers a lot of territory, but the main categories or genres are:

  • starship combat - anything from star fighters to entire starfleets
  • surface warfare - two armies or two squads, slugging it out
  • street warfare - futuristic gangs battling over turf
  • boardgames played using miniatures


24 October

Sci-fi short promotes Rosetta comet mission
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Renaissance Fantasy Undead
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How Building a Black Hole for Interstellar.
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HOTT 2.1 back in stock
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22 October

New World Earth, new sci-fi minis game (3)
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The Swift gunboats (10)
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The Strain. (5)
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The Tod-truppen (2)
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Gruntz Mercs release. (11)
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Scuptor available for work (part deux) (7)
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Early Robots as Explosive Anthropomorphs
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Ainsty Wire turret baskets (9)
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Looking for Intel on Tau Insignia/Symbols ?
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Savage Fallout: The Enclave takes the Wizard out (4)
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"Wolves" (5)
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Drool Over the Workshop Manuals for 7 Classic ...
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21 October

The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, Part One
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Arcadian troopers and more.
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How to paint Wood Elves Wildwood Ranger Warhammer
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Sol’una Tactical RPG/Minis Game up on Kickstarter
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Ursula (3)
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15mm Sci-Fi - Ground Zero Games 8 Wheeler (3)
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Started a 5 Parsecs from Home campaign (8)
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5150 Urban Renewal AAR - NHC SWAT
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'Efreet' Twin Heavy Flamer
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War in Randistan (9)
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Greebo previews new Ziggs render
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Mechadrome range from Gangfight.
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Three Khurasan tanks restocked at last (11)
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THON: A mess? Wheres the actual models? (5)
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9 Salvage Crew painted up (2)
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The Republic Commando Assault Specialists Unit: (5)
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Thon releases new Honor Guard (5)
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The Dyniaqs Collection
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Podracing revisited (9)
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Khurasan releases Zantin Scutari for "Zantin Reconquest" (21)
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Ellenor Renard, Special Operative... (9)
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Special Operative Ellenor Renard... (3)
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