Science Fiction

"Science fiction gaming" covers a lot of territory, but the main categories or genres are:

  • starship combat - anything from star fighters to entire starfleets
  • surface warfare - two armies or two squads, slugging it out
  • street warfare - futuristic gangs battling over turf
  • boardgames played using miniatures


22 August 2019

Welcoming Wargames Atlantic!

Please join me in welcoming Wargames Atlantic as our latest TMP advertiser.

"Wargames Atlantic is a new company making hard plastic 28mm miniatures," writes Wargames Atlantic Sponsoring Member of TMP. "Our first two sets were released in June and we have several more in development covering sci-fi, fantasy, VSF, and historical themes.

Death Fields

"Our first releases are:

  • Death Fields, a sci-fi range in which the best of humanity's warriors have been stolen throughout our history to fight for sport to entertain their alien captors. The first set released in June 2019 was Raumjäger Infantry (World War 2 Fallschirmjager). The next release is Les Grognards (Napoleonic, WW1, and Foreign Legion French) which is in tooling now.
  • Classic Fantasy, an homage to the standard fantasy tropes we all grew up with. The first set was Greek-themed Skeletons and the next release will be Halflings which are also in tooling now).
Classic Fantasy

"Along with these, we are making a number of historical ranges. The first three releases will be for the Ancient World, the Dark Ages, and the 19th Century. Work has also begun on sets that will be suitable for Victorian Science Fiction.

"Our website is at, and we can also be found on Facebook."




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