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Workbench is where the Editor does his best to assemble, paint, and prepare some of the products sent to us here at The Miniatures Page.

He may be more of a perfectionist than you are - or he may be less of one! He's not trying to prescribe the One Right Way. He's just trying to describe how one guy happens to do it.

If you would like to write a Workbench article, or if you are a manufacturer and would like your products featured in Workbench, please view the FAQ.

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Transporting the Simians

How to store and transport an army of giant apes?

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Basing with Two-Part Epoxy

One way to avoid the 'pitcher's mound' effect.

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Report from ReaperCon 2006 - Part III

The final installment of our ReaperCon report.

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Heavy Gear: Northern Guard GP Squad

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian upgrades his Heavy Gear force with a second squad from the new boxed set. [15 Oct 2021]


Big vegetation at a small price! [18 Aug 2021]
Sci-fi terrain doesn't have to be expensive. [16 Aug 2021]
Having more fun at the dollar store, in the spirit of classic TV sci-fi! [24 Oct 2020]
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Cracked windshield? No problem – just armor it! [29 Nov 2019]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian adds a new vehicle to his Army racing team. [18 Jun 2019]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian uses bits from Stan Johansen Miniatures to upgrade a toy car for post-apocalyptic battle arenas. [7 Jun 2019]
Sometimes, you have to take it apart, so you can put it back together again. [6 Jun 2019]
Useful 3D models for concrete barriers. [27 Jul 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian takes another stab at building a more perfect flight stand. [13 Jun 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian finds a 3D model on the internet, and tries to turn it into a wargaming model. [30 May 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian weighs the pros and cons of using a power drill on the minis workbench. [24 Jan 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian learns to drill with a screwdriver. [17 Jan 2016]
Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian experiments with Finger Drills. [10 Jan 2016]
Trying out the silver Sharpie... [14 Jun 2015]
Painting a droid from the Fearless boxed set. [29 Sep 2010]
Which color of undercoat works best? [25 May 2010]
When evolved Newts happen upon a WWII comic... [17 May 2010]
A photo-only tutorial on Fearless's Jack Led. [2 Apr 2010]
Here's Suzi - before and after... [17 Jul 2009]
Sam shows how to paint a vehicle, starting with silver and gold. [15 Jun 2009]
You were wondering "How does he do those patterns?" [21 May 2009]
"Funny lookin' fellas" is what Adam calls these invaders from outer space. [21 Apr 2009]
With clean lines and not a lot of clutter, Minidragon Fezian says these figures are a painter's dream! [5 Mar 2009]
RobH was delighted to get the opportunity to paint these figures. [26 Feb 2009]
Adam8472 Fezian takes inspiration from Doctor Who. [19 Feb 2009]
Painting the same figure in two contrasting styles. [5 Jan 2009]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian paints "four characterful figures that seem to come directly from a vintage vampire movie..." [23 Oct 2008]
Personal logo Dentatus Sponsoring Member of TMP Fezian thinks Mark's work is among the best available for all-around gaming and painting. [9 Oct 2008]
Mardaddy has an adventure with two Victorian science-fiction vessels. [24 Sep 2008]
What flight stand for our Hurricanes? [27 Aug 2008]
Minidragon Fezian finishes his Temple project by painting the kit he previously assembled. [14 Aug 2008]
One way to base Modern Pulp figures for a wide variety of environments. [11 Aug 2008]
Tony shows how he puts together and paints a Flash Gordon-inspired sci-fi pulp robot. [7 Aug 2008]
Brandon Palmer of Grey Matter Musings Studios paints the G-1000 Guardian from Excalibur. [24 Jul 2008]
Warcolours Painting Studio Fezian says he's pretty happy with these babes... [11 Jul 2008]
Adam practices his white techniques on some Thugs. [11 Jun 2008]
People have been asking Minidragon Fezian for a while now if he would be willing to put together a tutorial to explain and show how he paint his spaceships. [18 Mar 2008]
Personal logo Dentatus Sponsoring Member of TMP Fezian tackles two subjects from his favorite sculptor. [13 Mar 2008]
I supplied Stronty Girl Fezian with some 'babes', and she did the rest... [12 Mar 2008]
DemosLaserCutDesigns Fezian "expands his knowledge" by venturing onto the high frontier. [19 Feb 2008]
dampfpanzerwagon Fezian makes models of models of models... [14 Feb 2008]
DemosLaserCutDesigns Fezian takes inspiration from Masters of the Universe when painting these mutant cats. [13 Feb 2008]
Dances With Words Fezian experiments with better tentacle material... [1 Feb 2008]
How Blind Old Hag Fezian makes flight stands for 1/300 scale aircraft. [17 Jan 2008]
The G Dog Fezian needs big honking trees - large enough to stop the Bugs! [15 Jan 2008]
Two of Hasslefree's Adventurers venture to Serbia... [12 Dec 2007]
Can a plastic flower become a wargaming shrub? Or maybe a small tree? [10 Dec 2007]
DJD Miniatures runs amok with a diorama of cavemen and the giant prehistoric armadillo! [27 Nov 2007]
Hundvig Fezian is not a real big fan of pre-painted minis, and he positively despises randomly-packed "collectable" ones - so why is he writing this article? [7 Nov 2007]
Chogokin Fezian encounters the Walking Dead. [6 Nov 2007]
Personal logo Dentatus Sponsoring Member of TMP Fezian paints a couple of mean-looking mutant-type villains from the far future. [4 Nov 2007]
DemosLaserCutDesigns Fezian says these Possessed Zombies would lend themselves well to a zombie game based on the world of the Evil Dead movies. [30 Oct 2007]
DemosLaserCutDesigns Fezian gets to paint out-of-production figures he never thought he'd see again. [15 Oct 2007]
alizardincrimson2 Fezian takes Hasslefree's Libby in a whole new direction... [11 Oct 2007]
Adam uses stark highlighting for a 'cartoony' style with these DemonBlade figures. [14 Aug 2007]
NBFGH with Attitude Fezian explores the versatility of Pig Iron's infantry. [19 Jun 2007]
Adam gets to paint a cool figure, and then paint his dead counterpart. [13 Jun 2007]
fieldarchy Fezian paints Eureka's anime heroines. [30 May 2007]
Iron Dream Tournament V needed something that looked infernal, science-fictionesque, original, and big... [15 May 2007]
Paul Baker of Brush Strokes tackles three female adventurers from Hasslefree. [9 May 2007]
These models gave Adam the perfect opportunity to experiment with Citadel's new Foundation paints. [2 May 2007]
combatpainter Fezian has been watching some documentaries lately set in the Western Desert, and was inspired to create this... [30 Mar 2007]
When you feel like smashing robots, where can you find enough of them? [6 Mar 2007]
Zen Ghost Fezian makes use of mirrored surfaces in painting this Tiko Destroyer from Ninja Magic. [2 Mar 2007]
Is Blue Table Painting Service a match for ten giant, four-armed mutants? [26 Feb 2007]
Blue Table paints up three packs of Obelisk Miniatures' GangStars. [22 Feb 2007]
The Spacefarers are covered with some kind of lead disease! [19 Feb 2007]
The Editor tries a simpler solution for grav vehicle basing. [12 Feb 2007]
Having scratchbuilt a flying monitor, dampfpanzerwagon Fezian now paints and bases the model. [7 Feb 2007]
Building a flying two-turret monitor from scratch, inspired by Space: 1889. [6 Feb 2007]
Lonewolf dcc Fezian paints another of Hasslefree's adventurers. [5 Feb 2007]
Lonewolf dcc Fezian paints his favorite from Hasslefree's Zombie Hunter range. [21 Dec 2006]
Entry #3 in Scale Creep's Scavengers Design Contest - as a father-and-son team venture into a land of Dragons and Mutants... [4 Dec 2006]
Entry #2 in Scale Creep's Scavengers Design Contest - big game hunting in a heavily populated asteroid belt. [1 Dec 2006]
Entry #1 in Scale Creep's Scavengers Design Contest - a complete 18th Century Fantasy game you can play on your refrigerator. [30 Nov 2006]
Jake Staines of Eviscerate tackles a squad pack for Heavy Gear. [8 Sep 2006]
What can you do with those cheap Christmas decorations? Well, the sky isn't the limit... [5 Sep 2006]
Lonewolf dcc Fezian returns to show us how he painted Hasslefree's Jess zombie-fighter. [23 Aug 2006]
Holger Schmidt Fezian of Fantasy Miniatures jumps at the chance to paint Hasslefree's Powered-armour Libby. [16 Aug 2006]
Mardaddy of Mardaddy Paints experiments with color-shifting paints on a pair of Necron Monoliths. [7 Aug 2006]
If your tournament is inspired by John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars, you've got to have a train! [21 Jul 2006]
Meet the Zombie Resistance Family! [20 Jul 2006]
Lonewolf dcc Fezian explains step-by-step how he painted Hasslefree's Maria adventurer. [11 Jul 2006]
Sometimes, you've just got to have that special figure... [28 Apr 2006]
Ten painters begin - but only one can be the Last Painter Standing! [7 Mar 2006]
Can NBFGH with Attitude make an army of Rednecks for Iron Dream Tournament 4 from only four poses? [21 Feb 2006]
The Editor learns about downloading, printing, and binding a ruleset. [23 Jan 2006]
Scurvy's mission: Convert and paint 8 Reaper Neanderthals into a Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi gang of future 'hop heads,' using common wargaming supplies. [23 May 2005]
TheMackster Fezian shows his quick-and-dirty way to paint up the Warrior Bugs from Starship Troopers. [7 May 2005]
The Editor puts together some Warrior Bugs from the Starship Troopers boxed set. [21 Apr 2005]
What's wrong with Americ-Ann, and can she be saved? [16 Apr 2005]
The Editor uses the Hexon II system to build a science-fiction battlefield. [14 Apr 2004]
The Editor tries a new storage solution for his Ogre models. [9 Apr 2004]
Eleven Finalists have embarked on a grueling 9-month, 9-round contest of their painting skills. After each round, the readers of TMP will vote somebody out of the contest - until there is only one painter remaining! [16 Oct 2003]
The Editor finds a gaming use for cheap Christmas ornaments... [1 Dec 2002]
Leland R. Erickson of Miniatures Dressed to Kill takes on Games Workshop's upcoming release: the MkIVb Predator. [1 Jul 2002]
The Editor makes a few mistakes, learns a new basing technique, and ends up with some unusual gaming models. [20 Nov 2001]
Reader James Marshall shows how practical 2mm science fiction wargaming is - low cost and easy to paint up! [12 Nov 2001]
What can you do with a $1 vehicle? The Editor steps up to the plate and takes a stab at painting the model we reported on last week. [17 Mar 2000]
A quick-and-easy project - painting up Armorcast's Starter Trench Set. [10 Mar 2000]
The Editor takes on a 1/300 scale grav tank from Scotia. [10 Mar 2000]
The Editor Undertakes 3D Space Combat. [10 Mar 2000]
The editor messes around with a fast-painting method, on some 1/3000 scale starships from Brigade Models. [10 Mar 2000]
These structures, made of a light but durable urethane foam, have been sent to us by Epicast. [10 Mar 2000]
Tactical Conflict Systems lets the Editor paint rocks! [10 Mar 2000]
Three sizes of battlefield craters from Tactical Conflict Systems [10 Mar 2000]
The Editor takes on Reviresco's microscale Janus VII. [10 Mar 2000]
The Editor paints up some 25mm Plank Earthworks. [9 Mar 2000]
A set of ruined brick walls in "15-20mm" scale from Tactical Conflict Systems. [9 Mar 2000]
Speaking of "amazing," painting up these 25mm terrain pieces from TCS is amazingly easy. [9 Mar 2000]
A two-step painting process that puts stumps on your tabletop. [7 Mar 2000]
The Editor takes household junk and hobby store supplies to create this simple missile site. [7 Mar 2000]
The Editor paints up some 10mm scale Cybrid Vindicator scout hovertanks, from Starsiege: Rebellion. [7 Mar 2000]
The editor continues to mess around with rapid-painting techniques, this time on some Silent Death starships. [7 Mar 2000]
Sci-fi war in a larger scale - a look at the 10mm vehicles for Starsiege: Rebellion. (Roughly twice the scale of Battletech, for instance.) [7 Mar 2000]
The Editor "starts out small" with this ship from the Star Blazers! product line. [7 Mar 2000]
The Editor moves up to a medium-sized ship in the Star Blazers! product line - the Gamilon Trideck Carrier. [7 Mar 2000]
The Editor concludes his small Gamilon fleet by building the S-Type Battleship. [6 Mar 2000]