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Profiles is where we feature the people and companies which make up this hobby. If you know of a company or person you'd like to see featured in Profiles, please contact unknown member.

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The Third World War

Scenario Ideas from The Third World War

unknown member harvests scenario ideas from The Third World War. [6 September 2017]



unknown member comes up with the stats and roster for the Rust Devils in his sci-fi campaign. [18 July 2016]

unknown member begins to write some fiction for the Wildcats campaign. [17 June 2016]

unknown member comes up with a roster and game stats for the Wildcats, his mercenary force. [3 June 2016]

unknown member would like your support for a special project. [7 December 2015]

What if you want to game something too controversial or distasteful to put on the tabletop? [15 July 2015]

Planning an army for Warfare in the Age of Madness, using some of the Colony-15 figures. [9 October 2014]

The future of microarmor? [1 April 2013]

unknown member snapped some photos of games he didn't get a chance to play in at Council of Five Nations. [31 October 2011]

A really big Silent Death battle. [8 October 2011]

unknown member is back from Council of Five Nations. [12 October 2010]

Have you faced the power of paper? [21 May 2010]

A racing-and-combat game I spotted at a convention. [13 May 2010]

Paul Glasser almost missed out on his most-enjoyable game at Gen Con 2008. [29 August 2008]

Can the door to Gothic Hell be closed? [22 August 2007]

Once Gabriel received his digital camera, his destiny was clear he was to become a remote wargamer. [4 May 2007]

unknown member reports from the final California Gen Con... [17 November 2006]

unknown member reports from last May's ReaperCon 2006. [30 August 2006]

While at ReaperCon, Mike Cannon takes a tour of Reaper's latest facility. [25 August 2006]

Yesterday, heroes from all-over-the-planet (but mainly, France) once again gathered for the much-anticipated Iron Dream Tournament 4, Ghosts of Negromundheim the greatest WarEngine tournament in the world. [19 August 2006]

Pete Mancini reports from Historicon. [21 July 2006]

The Editor heads for Vicksburg... [23 June 2006]

Our Man in Southern California, unknown member, reports on the Gamex 2006 convention. [31 May 2006]

Our Man in Southern California once again reports on GenCon California-style... [19 November 2005]

Our Man in Southern California, unknown member, reports on the Gamex 2005 convention. [31 May 2005]

Our Man in Southern California, Wyatt the Odd Supporting Member of TMP, takes press pass in hand and reports from the Gen Con So Cal convention. [29 November 2004]

A gallery of pictures from Salute 2002. [30 April 2002]

The Editor takes a virtual tour of Reaper's new offices. [24 April 2002]

A series of articles in which i-Kore sculptor Pete Flannery shows the day-by-day development of a new model for VOID - the Koralon Hydra. [21 October 2000]

The Editor talks his way into getting a tour of Reaper Miniatures, one of the major U.S. miniature manufacturers. [7 October 2000]

The Editor tries out this first-year gaming convention in the San Francisco Bay Area (California). [30 November 1998]

The Editor is invited to tour the factory of Simtac, a U.S. manufacturer of figures in nearly all periods, scales, and genres. [18 September 1998]

The Editor is fresh back from GenCon, one of the largest gaming conventions in North America. [26 December 1997]