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Mon Nov 15 19:49:01 PST 1999
Voters = 143

Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Full Thrust47%
Babylon 5 Wars14%
Silent Death7%
Jovian Chronicles6%
Star Blazers Fleet Battle System6%
Battlefleet Gothic4%
Star Fleet Battles3%
Babylon Project1%
GaLakTic TakTik1%
Mekton Zeta1%
Noble Armada1%
Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator1%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Full Thrust57%
Babylon 5 Wars30%
Silent Death29%
Star Fleet Battles21%
Battlefleet Gothic12%
Jovian Chronicles11%
Star Blazers Fleet Battle System9%
Noble Armada4%
GURPS Space2%
Big Damn Space Battles1%
Generic Space Combat1%
Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator1%
Alien Space1%
Battle for the Fringe1%
Easy Quickplay Star Trek1%
GaLakTic TakTik1%
House rules1%
Interceptors and Intruders1%
Mekton Zeta1%
SPACEFARER: Starship Simulator1%
Squadron Commander 36001%
Star Strike1%
Star Trek Battle Manual1%
Starfleet Wars1%
Starwar 22501%
Steer for the Third Star on the Left1%
Stellar Wars1%
Strike Vector1%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played47%
2 rules played28%
3 rules played11%
4 rules played6%
5 rules played4%
6 rules played3%
26 rules played1%
7 rules played1%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Full Thrust73%
Star Fleet Battles68%
Silent Death58%
Babylon 5 Wars55%
Battlefleet Gothic30%
Star Blazers Fleet Battle System21%
GURPS Space18%
Jovian Chronicles17%
Noble Armada14%
Star Trek Battle Manual12%
Alien Space9%
Starfleet Wars8%
Generic Space Combat7%
GaLakTic TakTik5%
Easy Quickplay Star Trek4%
SPACEFARER: Starship Simulator3%
Squadron Commander 36003%
Starwar 22503%
Big Damn Space Battles2%
Interceptors and Intruders2%
Strike Vector2%
Battle for the Fringe1%
Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator1%
Star Warriors1%
Steer for the Third Star on the Left1%
Attack Vector1%
Buck Rogers1%
Exordium: Tactical1%
Mekton Zeta1%
Space Fleet1%
Star Strike1%
Star Trek Combat Simulator1%
Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator1%

Number of Rules Tried
number of rules playedpercentage
4 rules played15%
5 rules played13%
3 rules played13%
6 rules played10%
7 rules played10%
2 rules played9%
1 rules played8%
9 rules played7%
8 rules played5%
10 rules played3%
13 rules played1%
11 rules played1%
12 rules played1%
17 rules played1%
24 rules played1%
31 rules played1%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Up To Ten Years35%
Up To Twenty Years35%
Twenty Years or More17%
Two to Three Years11%

Voters, By Region
North America84%
Western Pacific4%
South America1%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
With a friend or two58%
At the local game store16%
At the local club15%
At gaming conventions4%
By mail or email4%

Number of Armies
number of armies owned or usedpercentage
1 army/armies34%
2 army/armies24%
3 army/armies17%
4 army/armies12%
5 army/armies7%
7 army/armies2%
8 army/armies2%
10 army/armies1%
16 army/armies1%
6 army/armies1%

Armies Owned/Used
armies owned or usedpercentage
Full Thrust55%
Babylon 550%
Silent Death36%
Star Trek29%
Battlefleet Gothic18%
Star Blazers16%
Star Wars14%
Star Frontiers6%
Starfleet Wars5%
Flying Saucer2%
Space Squadrons2%
A.D. 22221%
Fortress Figures1%
GaLakTik TakTik1%
Games Workshop1%
Space Dreadnought 30001%
Squadron Commander 36001%

Periods Played
Fleet Combat94%
Fighter Combat54%
Planetary Assault25%
Boarding Actions15%
Space Mecha6%

Number of Periods Played
number of genres/periods playedpercentage
1 periods40%
2 periods37%
3 periods13%
4 periods9%
5 periods1%

Scales Used
figure scalepercentage
Don't Know75%
6mm (including 1:285 and 1:300)39%

Number of Scales
number of figure scale(s) used
(per person)
1 figure scale(s) used54%
2 figure scale(s) used20%
3 figure scale(s) used14%
4 figure scale(s) used6%
5 figure scale(s) used4%
6 figure scale(s) used3%

Jasper Annyas

Daring raid on a heavily protected space station. I succeeded in sneaking in a destroyer with 2 long range hitting gunboats with a very meager escort. After a heavy fight 3/4 of the defending ships were out, my escorts were halved and my destroyer was badly mauled. But the most important part; the space station was still allive (damn) I had to run as reinforcements would arrive soon. I managed to limp away with the expensive destroyer (phew) and I could rescue all ejected crew. I was driven off but my enemies paid a high price: many fighters destroyen and crew killed as they bravely defended the station and worse the station was hit hard, very hard. Probably 60% of the facilities were destroyed. We are playing a campaign and that damage will be very expensive and difficult to repair. A second fleet of mine is already gathering to finish the job now he is weak..... [04 Nov 1999]


It was a 1500 point Battle Fleet Gothic Game between Imperial and Chaos fleets. Imperial won. [3 Nov 1999]

Craig Marek

Silent Death fleet battle as part of a home-grown campaign. Played on a ping pong table with over 300 ships [03 Nov 1999]

Donald Dennis

There I was with the rest of the Espan Reserve unit #127 "Dirtfarmers" patroling the fringes of our territory. We tore into those Kashmeri rats like a vrak worm on brreg rice. Our meager force of 4x Blood Hawks, 4x Stingers, 4x Saucer Shuttles keyed their attack pattern's by slotting in around our primary elements 2x Kosmos and 2x Stratta. No doubt we were out-gunned, we lined up against an impressive Kashmere force including 4x Helbenders, 4x Maruts a Varuna a dredded Black Widow, and who knows what else? Anyway, the whole assault was a calvacade of ineptitude. Don't get me wrong, the tactics we sound but nobody could hit anything, not even the Black Widow. Odds are the Kashmere would have comeout on top, if he had takent he time to think about it, but the battlefield does not give a man that time so he left the field in defeat. In all honesty, if they had not turned tail and fled it may have ground down to a tie, or those Kashmeri punks may have pulled it out. [03 Nov 1999]

SeanMike Whipkey

It was a Sunrunners versus ASP fight, and much to much my enemies' surprise, I flew my ASP fleet right up his middle and blew away his big guys.

I was having a rough time of it, but it actually looked like I had a chance to win, but we declared it a draw. [03 Nov 1999]

J. W. Smith

Star Blazers at Gen Con '99. Teaching the system to anyone who stoped at the table. =20 [3 Nov 1999]

Britt Holtsclaw

StarFleet Battles. 2 Constellation Class cruisers vs 2 Klingon D7's, upgraded with missile packs. A few asteroids for terrain (10..all moving 1 hex per turn in the same direction). The two Federation ships concentrated their fire on one D7 until it exploded. The other then left rather quickly. I like the detail of the game, but many ships in an action slows the game down greatly. Its also hard to get a "kill", since a badly hurt ship can usually get up enough speed to get off board. [15 Sep 1999]

Matt Waugh

Recently played the basic 3 on 2 fight out of the basic Full Thrust main book. A new FT player wanted to run the 3 FFs vrs my 2 CLs he did a emergency warp jump with his last FF on turn 4 [12 Jun 1999]

Brian Jurczyk

I played Starmada about a month ago. I had a 500pt size fleet of Arcturan Federation ships, including one Seraphin Class Battlecarrier. A 3-sides battle ensued between friends.

The Arcturan fighters were able to create aerospace superiority, but could not stop the shields 5 transports of the Sssk (a lizard race with boarding parties). The two Ssk transports launched pods which penetrated the fighter defense screens and boarded the ship. I lost one of the escort frigates in a duel with an Imperial Invincible. However the Seraphin was able to diable the two lead imperial vessels with its ion cannons. Easy pickings for the anti-matter beams :)

I would have won the battle except for the valiant, but futile efforts of the crew to fend off the boarding parties. The seraphin was a ship designed from a more peaceful time with greater range weapons. Too bad they could not learn the lessons from Rome and Carthage. The Carthaginians might have won the Cold War. [28 Apr 99]


I made myself felt against the enemy, a mixed babylon 5 wars fleet against home brew shadows. However unexpected reineforcements allowed him to turn the tide of battle to his favor. [20 Apr 99]

Kelvin Henderson

The last game I played was a six-way Full Thrust game pitting the forces of the NSL/OUDF against the might of the might of the ESU/FSE. The game was fun for all involved as we had small ships fighting to the bitter end, while much larger ships we "striking the colours" after only minor damage. Those smaller crew sure are brave! The highlight of the game was when our ESU Dreadnought came into range of the OUDF Heavy Cruiser. The cruiser fired a missile volley and then opened up with all the other weaponry it could. In the end, our brand-new Dreadnought had been reduced to a smoking hulk, with the threat of a reactor core breach and the crew running to the life-pods. A victory to the ESU in the end, but very, very close (only 2 ships left per side, out of a total of forty!). [15 Apr 99]


I played Starmada with my friends at the local game store. We like Starmada for its simplicity, yet fun. Consider me a reformed Star Fleet Battles player - don't like games with too many rules. [10 Apr 99]

Demian Rose

Starmada, almost a year ago. [30 Mar 99]

Alan E Brain

Competition: 2750 pts Full Thrust each side, My Star Fleet Battles Andromedans (masquerading as Neu Swabian League) vs New Anglian Confederation. The initial missile strikes were dissipated by my opponent's excellent temporary withdrawal of the anti-missile ships outside my beam-armed ships range, followed by a swift advance exactly at the time they were needed. Having shot my bolt, my opponent methodically dismantled my fleet in a war of attrition I couldn't win. Good game, I enjoyed it immensely. [29 Mar 99]

Craig Summers

Just added Fleet battles rules to normal game. My NSL fleet had a very bad time vs. FSE with SMLs. [27 Mar 99]

thomas Brown

Earth Aliance vs Non-Aligned
Babylon-5 Wars

Roughly 1850 pts each
Earth Alliance starting forces
2 Artemis frigates, 625pts apiece
1 Olympus corvette, 600pts

2 Brakiri Avoiki class Heavy Cruisers, 680pts apiece
1 Drazi sunhawk Battlecruiser, 500pts

Turn 1

Artemis 1&2
went turtle with EW
speed 6

went turtle with EW
speed 6

Avoiki 1&2
went turtle with EW
Speed 12

Drazi Sunhawk
went turtle with EW
speed 10

Both fleets moved to engage. The Non-aligned player was trying to close the gap between the fleets. He didn't realise he had the range advantage with his Avoiki's -1/4 hexes with his Graviton beams

The EA player railguns on all three ships were -1/2 hexes and had to close. Turn 2 didn't see much more manuevering the Sunhawk swung out and slowed down. With the Avoikis continuing at great speed, no fire exchanged yet. EA just kept plugging on.

Turn 3

Avoikis sped past the the lighter Earth ships while the Drazi Sunhawk engaged the three EA ships. Artemis 1 didn't allocate any EW onto locking on to the sunhawk so didn't fire. Artemis 2 fired on the sunhawk and with rear weapons on Avoiki. Olympus fired on sunhawk, scoring a hit onto the C&C - killing the ship. More minor damage occured. Sunhawk fired on the Artemis, destroying 1 railgun and forward interceptor Avoiki recieved a destroyed rear Graviton pulsar and major damage to rear thruster

Turn 4

Avoikis flew off map. EA declined to pursue (couldn't catch them if I tried). NA decided next time would not close with EA ships and feels the Artemis rail frigates may be under-pointed. [27 Mar 99]

Jon Davis

I ran a convention game of Full Thrust as an attack against an escorted convoy. Each team choose an attacking force and scored points for damage to the freighters. The game was run twice with both teams as attacker and defender. [26 Mar 99]


Three of us were playtesting a set of scenario generator rules for FT. The scenario generator tables need work . [26 Mar 99]

Tom Reed

A Full Thrust battle. A New Anglican Task force was shepherding a crippled dreadnaught to a repair base when it ran into a Federal Stats aggressor force ( who didn't know the dred was crippled ).

Lots of close in work with FSE destroyers closing to pulse torpedo range of the dred, as the NAC & FSE battlecruisers duked it out. In the end, the NAC dred was dead in space, and 5 of their 9 escorts were destroyed. THe FSE lost 7 ships, including a battlecriuser. The remaining 4 ships left the table rather than try to stay and finish off the dred. [26 Mar 99]