Napoleonic Warfare

Banners & Bayonets Modelers Mart
The Bleeding UlcerBlack Cat Industries
Bonaparte M.O.D. Games
Champs des Bataillesavailable on the WebR.J. Rockefeller
Corps Command Hoplite Reseach
Corps d'Armee Wargames Research Group
Diplomacy & Other Means Anschluss Publishing
Eagles Over The Empireavailable on the Web Steven McPeak
Ebb & Flow of Battle Anschluss Publishing
Empire V The Emperor's Headquarters
Empires and Eagles Gosling Press
Fast Play Napoleonic Rulesavailable on the WebDavid Manley
Fast Play Rules For Napoleonic
and Crimean Wargames
Newbury Rules
Fix Bayonets! Imagine Image Multimedia
Follow the Eagle V Eagle Software
From Valmy to Waterloo Clash of Arms
General de Brigade Caliver Books
Grenadieravailable on the WebKelly C. Boyle and Sven Noréns
Guard du Corps Xeno Games
Houserules Napoleonics Brian Stokes
In The Grand Manner Reigate Wargames Club
In The Name Of Glory D. Marks
Lavtryk Over Hebriderne
[Danish - "Depression over the Hebrides"]
Legacy of Glory Glory Games
L'Empereur NLWG Publications
L'Empereur Tabletop Games
Le Petit Empereur Chipco
Les Grognards (Piquet) Piquet, Inc.
March of Eagles American Eagles Games
Marshal's Baton Rules Stone Mountain Miniatures
Napoleonic DBA Rulesavailable on the Web Steve Burt
Napoleonic Principles of War Tom Penn
Napoleonic Quick March Flaming Monkey Games
Napoleonic Rules for a Large-Scale
Wargame Using Small-Scale Miniatures
Hard Cover Designs
Napoleonic Wargames Rulesavailable on the Web Steve Burt
Napoleonique/Encore Napoleonique/Encore Productions
Napoleon's Battles Avalon Hill Game Company
Napoleon's War Tabletop Games
Off To War D. Marks
Playable Napoleonic WargamesBarry Edwards
Republiqueavailable on the Web The War Times Journal
Shako Wargames
Snappy Nappy Lockwood Projects
Through Shot & Shell Colour Party
Through Smoke and Fire Anschluss Publishing
To Arms! Mage
To the Sound of the Guns III Tabletop Games
Volley & Bayonet The Emperor's Headquarters
Voltigeur S-3 Group

Battles for Empire Battles for Empire Publications
Charge! Athena Books
Column, Line and Square Unknown
Covered In Glory Pickle Enterprises
En Avant SWE Publications
Imperial Guard II Little Soldier Games
In the Age of Napoleon Brian Phillips
Les Aigles Jeux Descartes
Micro Napoleonics Tabletop Games
Napoleon At War Soldiers & Swords
Napoleonic Quickie Boydsys Games Company
Napoleonic Rule Box Irregular Miniatures
Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature Patrick Stephens
Pas de Charge! Z&M Publishing Enterprises, Inc.
Twilight of Empire 19th Century Miniatures, Inc.
Vive L'Empereur Chaosium
Wargame Rules 1685-1845 R.E.G. Games Ltd.

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