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Brief Description The goal of these rules is to accurately portray the behavior of regiments and divisions, while not sacrificing playability. The basic maneuver unit is the regiment (3-6 infantry stands), with leaders represented from brigadiers to army commanders.

Each turn is composed of a number of mini-turns, as players alternate activating and taking actions with their brigades (3-6 regiment groupings). Brigades move according to a sequence determined by the players before the battle, with limited modifications to the sequence allowed during play.

All leaders are given five ratings - Initiative, Tactical, Aggressiveness, Morale Bonus, and Combat Bonus - and roll versus these stats in order to issue orders, react to opportunities, and to activate units before an enemy unit activates. Two forms (levels) of orders are used: written orders setting objectives, and order markers specifying a unit's actions in the upcoming turn.

Units can move in normal or double time, and can form into line, march column, square, regimental attack column, refuse flank, and disorder. Infantry combat recognizes two weapon types (muskets and rifles), and artillery fire distinguishes between smoothbores and rifled guns, and includes mortars and howitzers. The rules also cover charges, melee combat, morale, ammunition, fatigue, assault columns, and skirmishers.

No army lists or scenarios are provided.

Period "The era of the Horse & Musket" - by which the designer designates the period "from the invention of the flintlock musket [late 16th Century] to the Franco-Prussian War [1871]."
Ground Scale 1" = 25 yards
Time Scale 1 turn = 15 minutes
Figure Scale Each infantry and cavalry stand represents 100 men; each artillery stand represents 2-3 guns
Miniature ScalesDesigned for use with 15mm and HO scale miniatures
Basing "These rules are not concerned with how many miniatures are applied to a stand..." Any number of miniatures per stand can be used.

TypeSize of base*
Infantry 1" x 1"
Cavalry 1.5" x 2"
Artillery 1" x 1"
1" x 1"
* exceptions apply if using 15mm figures
Contents 42-page, spiral-bound rulebook
Designer Terry Cabak
Publisher First edition published 1995; second edition (1998) features a streamlined combat system. Both editions published by Imagine Image Multimedia

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