Vive L'Empereur

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Brief Description Designed to place players in the roles of corps commanders, and to make the grand multi-corps battles playable in a reasonable time in an ordinary amount of space. Command control, combined arms, and morale have been emphasized. Units take losses both in figures removed and in status points lost, allowing formations to accept losses and thin the line as they historically did (and as a side effect, increasing the "fog of war" as the opponent doesn't know the status level of your units). Initiative system puts realistic limits on players' abilities to deploy and take action with their troops. Movement reaction system allows the movement of both sides to affect the final positions of the stands. The rules also cover fires, construction of fortifications and bridges, and skirmishers. Orders of battle are provided for several of the major campaigns and battles, as are guidelines for assigning status point levels. Comprehensive designers' notes explain the intentions behind the rules.
Period Napoleonic Wars
Scale One infantry or cavalry figure represents 100 men; one gun casting represents 6-12 guns. One game turn represents 30 minutes. The ground scale is 1mm = 4 meters. Designed for use with 15mm figures; double all distances for 25mm scale.
Basing Number of figures per stand is up to the player. Depth of all bases should be as narrow as possible. The width per figure is 7mm (3-rank infantry), 10mm (2-rank infantry), or 18mm (cavalry). Artillery is mounted at 5mm per represented gun.
  • 62-page rules booklet
  • two-panel reference card [detached from center of booklet]
  • two sheets of counters [must be cut apart]
  • two sheets of terrain pieces [must be cut apart]
  • rulesheet explaining the playing aids
  • rulesheet with optional rules for figures based at 60:1
Designer Ned Zuparko
Publisher Published 1981 by Chaosium

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