Corps Command

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Brief Description

Comprehensive, integrated set of rules for the Napoleonic period, consisting of:

  • the Corps Command miniatures rules
  • Line of Battle, a set of naval miniatures rules
  • Seamen of Steel, an alternate fast-play set of naval rules
  • the Operational Campaigning System, which allows players to engage in a campaign game of global scale
Period "The Age of Napoleon" (1792-1815)
  • 178-page wire-bound rules booklet
  • 8.5" x 11" campaign map
    campaign map of the world, focusing on Europe
  • three 8.5" x 11" 2-sided reference cards
    terrain generation and scenario deployment charts
    movement, leadership, and weather charts
    Combat Calculator used for resolving melee combat
Designer Manny Granillo II
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Hoplite Research. Part of the Conquest & Diplomacy line of products.

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What You Think

Quite simply, Corps Command is probably the best Napoleonics rules in terms of playability, flavor, and accuracy without getting bogged down in meaningless detail.

Our gaming group truly believes that the designers have done a very nice job of keeping the details that matter and blending them smoothly with the game mechanics to produce a game that has all of the flavor of the period as well as promotes the use use of real Napoleonic tactics. You can't use the silly tactics that work in other games due to flukey mechanics that don't make sense. Anyone mildly interested in the history of this era can use the tactics illustrated in such notable sources such as George Nafziger's Imperial Bayonets and produce results that make sense.

Also, it is the only Napoleonics rule set that properly models the Ottoman Army and its very unique tactics. More importantly it accomplishes all of this as cleanly as any game I've ever seen without sacrificing everything as many faster-play games do - I think we've tried all of the more well-known sets (Empire, Shako, Napoleon's Battles, Volley and Bayonet, Napoleonic Principles of War, Piquet, and General de Brigade).

Also, the designer has been very quick to any responses we've e-mailed (usually within 24 hours). So, a big thumbs up for this one!

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