Brief Description "The beginner's friend," Napoleonique/Encore is a set of rules designed to realistically recreate the Battles of Napoleon in an easy-to-learn, fun, and playable manner. Game consists of the main rules (Napoleonique) plus supplemental rules and errata (Encore). Includes a "toy soldiers" mode.
Period French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
Scale Grand-tactical. Five separate scales may be used. 10 minutes per turn. 20-40 yrds/inch. Each figure represents 30-90 men. Units are battalions or regiments, depending on scale chosen. Separate scales are given for 15mm or 25mm figures.
Basing Infantry are mounted four to a base, cavalry two to a base, guns mounted individually. Infantry units typically consist of 6 bases; cavalry are 4-5 bases per unit. (Exceptions: Two-rank infantry are mounted 3 per base. In "toy soldier" scale, all figures are mounted individually.)
Contents 62-page rulebook
Designers Jim Getz (Napoleonique) and Glenn Davis (Encore)
Publisher Napoleonique/Encore Publications

A detailed description of Napoleonique/Encore is also available.

Supplements for the Game

In its original incarnation, Napoleonique was Volume IV of The Wargamer's Library. Volume I was Frappe, a tactical Napoleonic miniatures game; the other volumes were reference books. All of these books are out of print.

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