Snappy Nappy

Brief Description Operational-level Napoleonic game, in which armies maneuver about the countryside before closing for battle. Players take the roles of corp commanders. Unique fast-play, "hit-less" combat system, based on morale. Designed as a beginners' game.
Period Napoleonic.
Scale One infantry stand represents 2,000-3,000 men; one cavalry stand is 500-750 men; one artillery stand is a single battery. Basic unit is the brigade. Ground scale is 1" = 1 mile. One turn represents a half-hour.
Basing Doesn't matter, as long as all stands are about the same size.
Contents 16-page digest-sized rulebook, reference chart, scenario map.
Designer Russ Lockwood (
Publisher First edition published 1994 by Lockwood Productions. Distributed as shareware.

A detailed description of Snappy Nappy is also available.

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