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Other English Club Pages

Bristol Lincombe Barn Wargames Society

Dunstable Dunstable Generals Wargames Club

Reading Wargames Association of Reading

Aylesbury Aylesbury Wargames Club
Buckingham Milton Keynes Wargames Society
Widmer End South Bucks Wargames Group

Exeter The Devon Wargames Group

Weymouth The Levellers

Hull Humberside Wargames Society
North Hull Wargames Club

Manchester Manchester Area Wargames Society

Douglas Manx Wargames Group

Maidstone Maidstone Wargames Club

Burnley Burnley Wargames Club

Grimsby Grimsby Wargames Society

Liverpool Liverpool Wargames Association

Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth Wargames Club

York York Wargames Society

Mansfield Mansfield Wargames Club

Barnsley Barnsley Association of Wargamers
Sheffield Sheffield Wargames Society

Epsom The Reigate Wargames Group

Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyneside Wargames Club

Birmingham October Wargames Club
Worcester The Friends of General Haig

Crawley Crawley Wargames Club


Lincombe Barn Wargames Society (Bristol)

The club meets every Sunday at 2.30 pm at the Downend Folk House, Overndale Road, Downend, Bristol, and we finish at around about 6.00 pm (although often people are still there at 7.00!). There are two halls available - although we usually only require the one - with a supply of trestle tables, club wargames scenery, and refreshments available.

"I'd like to give you an idea of what type of games get played, but to be honest, the variety is enormous! Suffice to say that at every meeting there is usually the following going on:

Last Updated: 8 November 1999


Dunstable Generals Wargames Club

Meets Mon & Thurs every week, 7-10pm in Dunstable

We play anything, but current favourites are: Command decision 1/300th, Empire 15mm, Fire & Fury 10/15mm.

For more info, ring Bob at 01442 256066


Wargames Association of Reading (W.A.R.)

We are a non-profit making miniature tabletop club for wargamers in the Reading area. We hold regular meetings where up to sixty members play tabletop games. We also arrange trips to places of interest and other social days out. Our club was established in 1978. We produce a monthly newsletter called the W.A.R. Correspondent which contains interesting articles, general information, and advises members of future activities.

The atmosphere of the club is very friendly and we welcome new members. We play a wide variety of games and rules including DBM, DBA, DBR, Sixth Edition, Fire & Fury, Command Decision, Rapid Fire, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Full Thrust, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Close Action, Smoke on the Water, General Quarters, Shootist, Axis & Allies etc. In fact, we'll try our hand at anything and many members even produce their own rules. The club, and its members, have a wide variety of armies ranging from 15mm Teutonics to 25mm ACW. There are inter-club competitions and certain members are presently playing large campaign games.

We meet every Wednesday evening ( 6:30pm-11pm ) at Reading Activities Centre, 69 Bulmershe Road, Reading, Berkshire. Occasionally we hold games on other evenings and over weekends. Everyone is welcome. If you let us know beforehand, weíll even try to get you in on a game.

For more information, contact:

Ian Colby
7 Field End
Blakes Road
Wargrave, Reading
United Kingdom. RG10 8LF

Or send email to Steve Hambridge (

Last Updated: 25 February 2006


Aylesbury Wargames Club

We meet every other Friday from 7.30 to midnight at the Haydon Hill Community Centre, Dickens Way in Aylesbury. All periods are covered, from Ancient to Modern and Warhammer. We are always looking for new members, young and old.

Contact: Ian Capstick on 01296 436880 or Malcolm Williams on 01296 663603.

Last Updated: 15 December 2007

Milton Keynes Wargaming Society

A club sharing a tabletop wargaming passion. Historic games include ancient (DBM), renaissance (DBR), Napoleonic, American Civil War (Fire & Fury), Colonial (POW) and WWII. Our fantasy wargame group majors in Warhammer gaming.

Last Updated: 8 October 1998

Soutb Bucks Wargames Group

We are a small friendly club with varied interests based in Widmer End, near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England.

We are a group of people who share the same passion for miniature wargaming. The members play games from all periods of all scales using both commercially published rules, as well as home-grown rulesets with the emphasis on simplicity, playability and fun. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month between 7.00 and 11.00 pm at the Widmer End Village Hall, near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

Last Updated: 12 June 2003


The Devon Wargames Group

We meet on the first Saturday of each month in the Polsloe Room, Exeter Community Centre, St. David's Hill, Exeter, from around noon. We are an active club with a strong emphasis on sociable wargaming.

For more information, ring Jonathan Jones at (01395) 277079 or Charles Carter (01769) 540687.

Last Updated: 20 June 1997


The Levellers (Weymouth)

We have a gaming club here, and welcome all players and visitors. We can be contacted via Peter Pig, or Rob Roriston on 01202 625539.

Last Updated: 9 November 1998


Humberside Wargames Society

The Humberside Wargames Society has been in existence in various forms since the early 1970ís. The Society's members are mostly interested in historical miniatures games For the last two years we have had our own secure premises in the centre of Hull, which are available for membersí use at any time of any day of the year, though I donít think anyone goes in on Christmas Day.

We have rooms on two floors, each with one large games room capable of taking up to six large tables along with several store rooms. The second floor games room is non-smoking and is the regular haunt of naval games, 25mm ancients (DBM and 6th/7th edition WRG), 25mm renaissance (DBR or WRG 2nd Edition), Hordes of the Things in 6mm, various card games (particularly Magic: The Gathering), Warhammer and AD&D role-playing. 15mm scale DBA, DBM and DBR games are usually to be found on the third floor, along with 1/300th scale WW2 and Modern miniatures games.

The majority of players use the club on Saturdays, though various groups of gamers use the club at others times. Tables are available on a first come first served basis. Role-players go in on Sundays and Wednesday evenings at the moment. New members are always welcome.

Humberside Wargames Society
2nd/3rd Floor
45-47 Savile Court
Savile Street
United Kingdom

Tony Barr
1 The Woodlands
Goddard Avenue
United Kingdom


Last Updated: 16 August 1999

North Hull Wargames Club

"W.W.II gaming is popular at out club and is played in 6mm, 15mm and 20mm scale. Almost every other historical period is played too. mostly to in-house and as yet unpublished rules.

"The Club meets every Saturday and with prior arrangement some Sundays too at the North Hull Community Centre, 37th Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, North Hull Estate, Hull. East Yorkshire HU6 8AU.

"You may catch us at one of the Northern shows, we have been putting on display games for a number of years now, our first W.W.II display using our rules being Sheffield Triples '83."

Club publishes Panzer Marsch!, a set of rules for WWII.

North Hull Wargames Club
69 Newland Ave
Hull, England

Last Updated: 13 July 2000


Manchester Area Wargames Society (MAWS)

Meet on 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of each month at the Emlyn Hall, Emlyn Street, Walkden, Manchester. (Greater Mnchester, United Kingdom). Multi-player games, club competitions, inter-club events. Club Times are from 11.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Periods covered are Ancient & Medieval, Renaissance, Napoleonics, American Civil War, WW2 & Modern, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Role Playing, Games Workshop, Western Gunfight, Naval & Air Combat and Boardgames.

Contact Mark Jones (Secretary) at (0161) 790 6909.

Last Updated: 19 September 1998


Manx Wargames Group (Douglas)

We are a small but active club meeting every third Sunday evening and often inbetween.

We have a large collection of figures etc., and wargame in a variety of periods and scales, most important of which are:

(HGR Stands for Home Grown Rules!)

Last Updated: 14 August 2008


Maidstone Wargames Club

We meet every 2/4 Saturday in the month, and we play all type of wargame. We can be contacted on


Burnley Wargames Club

We meet Tuesdays, 6:30 - 12 pm at Blacko Methodist Church.

Phone: (01282) 698175 [Simon], (01282) 712983 [Mark]

Last Updated: 31 July 1998


Grimsby Wargames Society

We have our own premises at the rear of Ladysmith Road, Grimsby in Sixhills Street. We meet every Monday and Thursday from 7 pm, and have five large gaming tables and a snack bar. Any form of figure game, boardgames, and card games (other than RPGs) are played. We are always on the lookout for new members.

Tim Walker
69 Tiverton Street
Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire
DN35 7PP

Last Updated: 20 June 1997


Liverpool Wargames Association

The LWA meets on Sunday, Thursday and Saturday at our premises in central Liverpool. We play tabletop games in all main periods, and role playing games. If there's some period you are into which we don't currently play, it's likely that you can interest someone. This is almost guaranteed if you have the figures and easily understood rules.

As far as I am aware, the LWA is the only club offering regular split-table games. The two sides play on identical tables in two separate rooms with a referee placing enemy figures as sighted. The referee being the only person to see both tables means that true hidden movement is possible, adding an extra dimension to games.

For more information, email Andy O'Neill at

Last Updated: 9 June 2003


Great Yarmouth Wargames Club

The "Good Old Boys" meet every Friday Night at:

Great Yarmouth Labour Club
Euston Road
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

We play all types of miniature games, including Ancients, Dark Ages, 18th C., Napoleonics, Colonial, WW1, WW2 and SciFI, with a few fantasy games as well. We also have a lot of Skirmish games. There is a bar on site and subs are 1 UKP per night.

For more information, email us at


York Wargames Society

Our club, promoters of Vapnartak, meet at Guppy's Enterprise Club, The Old Brittania, 17 Nunnery Lane, York on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We also meet on two Saturdays each month for full-day gaming. YWGS is a club which fully embraces all aspects of wargaming (Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi), rpg and ccg (and even paintball! - Up yours Savage Pen!) Club membership is a notional One Pound per year although there are additional charges for membership of and entry to Guppy's Club. There is something for everyone.

For more details, contact Andy Dove at The Little Soldier Shoppe, 58, Gillygate, York, 01904 642568.

Last Updated: 11 November 1998


Mansfield Wargames Club (Mansfield)

Mansfield Wargames Club meet on Tuesday evenings at the Mansfield Gas Sports & Social Club from 19:00.

Last Update: 11 December 2008


Barnsley Association of Wargamers

Meet Saturday afternoons from 1 pm till the kids go home to watch Gladiators and the Big Boys go into town for a few (well, a lot, if you must know) beers; and on Monday Evenings 6.30 till last orders at the pub.

We have our own premises, so marathon games and all-day access is possible with 3 large tables, 1 huge table, and a cards area.

War-, card-, and boardgames of all periods and scales played in varying degrees (but RPG is non-existent). Current popular games taking up most table space are Spearhead, WRG WWII, and any Games Workshop game. But from time to time we do everything, from Tusk (prehistoric cave man skirmish) through to Sci-Fi (Full Thrust, Silent Death), and all the historical bits in-between.

We are located on Shambles Street in the town centre. Visitors/new members are welcome.

For more information, email Mick Brookes at, or call Kit-Craft (a games store on Shambles street) and they will point us out.

Last Update: 28 September 1997

Sheffield Wargames Society

All miniature periods ancient to space ships, any rules, some boardgames, some Cthulu. 15mm/25mm, some 54mm skirmish. Major annual event, Triples wargames show, over 50 traders, over 30 displays, team competition.

51 Rosamond Ave
Sheffield, S17 4LS

Phone: 0114 2206042 (Lloyd Powell)

Last Update: 31 October 1997


The Reigate Wargames Group (Edsom)

The club is active on the competition circuit in the UK, and also has a thriving Napoleonics section. They recently published In the Grand Manner, a set of Napoleonic rules.

The Reigate Wargames Group
c/o J.D. McNeil, Secretary
The White Cottage
8 Westhill Avene
Surrey KT19 8LE


Last Update: 21 June 1997


Tyneside Wargames Club (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

"The Club meets every Saturday from 10am to around 5pm at St. James United Reform Church Hall in the center of Newcastle upon Tyne. Terrain and tables available if you have armies, or join in one of the games running that day.

"Played: All scales. All periods! Popular=15mm Ancient, 15mm Napoleonic, 28mm WWII. Various rules for all periods, both commercial and club written. Visit the website and blog to see what we get up to!

"Contact via website or email to"

Last Update: 14 September 2009


The Friends of General Haig (Worcester)

We meet every two weeks at the YMCA in Worcester. We play all periods from 15mm DBA to 25mm Gunfights. For further information, contact Andy Bartlett ( or the club secretary, Paul Daniels, on 01905 359654.

October Wargames Club (Birmingham)

We meet every Tuesday evening from around 7pm upstairs in the Bull Ring Tavern in Birmingham (new members welcome!).

Last Updated: 15 May 1997


Crawley Wargames Club (CWC)

We meet at Northgate Community Centre, Crawley, W.Sussex on Friday's 7-11pm, and the afternoon of the first Sunday of each Month. We have 35+ members with interests including Historical, SCI-FI, Naval, Fantasy.

Contact Robin Fitton ( for more details.


The Kirklees Crusaders

Kirkburton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
Moday Evenings and occasional Weekends
We play Ancient and Medieval DBA/DBM mostly, but are planning to branch out into other rules systems and periods, such as WW2, ECW, ACW, etc. We are a small group looking for a few new members.

Contact: Ian F White (

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