Pas de Charge!

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Brief Description Divisional- to Corps-level battles, from 1800-1815. The game sequence is:

  • order writing
  • announce charges
  • announce counter-charges
  • move
  • fire
  • melee
  • morale

Both sides act simultaneously. Infantry fire is by figure, times a modified dice roll, then divided by ten for casualties. Artillery fire is similar. Casualties cause morale checks, which can lead to fall backs, forced backs, or routs.

Period Napoleonic Wars
Scale One infantry or cavalry figure represents 60 men. One game turn represents 30 minutes. The ground scale is 1" = 20 yards. Designed for use with 25mm figures.
Basing By company (approximately for some countries; exactly for others)
Contents40-page, 5.5" x 8.5" booklet, including 4 pages of consolidated charts, 4 pages of organizational info, a 2-page glossary, and a bibliography on the back inside cover. Black and white photos.
Designer George Nafziger (
Publisher Published 1977 by Z&M Publishing Enterprises, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

What You Think

Ed Youngstrom (

Well, I can't be very objective here. It was my first time, after all. A history instructor at the Air Force Academy invited cadets from the Wargame Club to his home for a Napoleonic miniatures game. I wasn't really interested, but being cooped up I was ready to go anywhere.

Anyway, he had a ping-pong-sized table covered with the most glorious 25mm armies I have ever seen. (To this date, I have only seen one group that rivals them.) The scenario - played time and again over the next two years - was a fictional, post-Waterloo-where-Napoleon-won affair involving a brigade or so each of Prussians, Russians, and British against a French force of equal size but including the Guard.

I've been hooked ever since!

The rules were relatively simple but fun. The simultaneous orders and moves made for interesting situations not really possible in move-countermove systems.

I'm not much of a reviewer. The games were back in 84-85 and I've not played the system since then. But boy, the effect can still be seen.

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