RECRUIT is currently out of production while the rules are being revised.
Brief Description Introductory rules packaged with a "starter set" of miniatures. The rules are written succinctly (and with lots of abbreviations) on eight cards. Rules allow special advantages to dedicated recon units. Vehicles spent VAP points to conduct all actions, including fire and movement. Rules cover helicopters, close air support, and mines.
Period Modern
Scale Tactical. Ground scale is 1" = 100 meters; vertical scale is 1/2" = 6 meters. One combat turn = 1 or 2 minutes (players' choice). Each miniature represents an individual vehicle or combatant.
Basing Individual for vehicles; infantry grouped 5 per 1/4" x 1" stand
Carrying case with miniatures, rules cards at right

6" x 4" plastic carrying case, containing:

  • eight 3" x 4" cards (rules)
  • one 3" x 4" card (data for vehicles in set - additional data cards can be purchased from the publisher)
  • 1/285 scale C-in-C miniatures
    (exact mix depends on set purchased - my German Recruit Company comes with 12 Leopard IIs, 4 Marder AFVs, and 20 infantry figures with bases)
  • soft foam cut for holding miniatures
Designer None credited
Publisher Published by War Zone

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