Hell and Fateful Decisions

Brief Description

Rules for Company to Battalion level

Period from 1919 to 1999
Ground Scale unknown
Time Scale unknown
Figure Scale unknown
Miniature Scales unknown
Basing unknown
Contents unknown
Designer Jim Webster
Publisher Published by Anschluss Publishing

What You Think

Chris Steadman (chris@steadman.demon.co.uk)
The only thing that made me groan about these rules was with armour - or rather, anti-armour rules. Jim basically says (I paraphrase):

"There are lots of books out there with the penetration data of the various weapons, and with data about the armour thickness of vehicles. So once you have determined that you have hit a vehicle, refer to them for confirmation of penetration."

I felt I had bought something that was half finished.

However, despite my reservations about the lack of DIY armour penetration data, these are a good set of rules, with lots of good ideas, which is what we have come to expect from the talented Jim Webster.

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