Battle Captain

Brief Description A tactical game, Battle Captain spans fifty years of armed conflict -- from the Shermans, T-34's and Tiger tanks of the Second World War, to Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. Battles are company/platoon level.
Period Late WWII (1943) to the present day.
Scale Tactical. 30 seconds per turn. Ground scale -- 1 inch represents 10 meters; optional scale is 1 inch = 25 meters. Figures represent individual vehicles and soldiers. Intended for use with 1/285 scale figures.
Basing Individual vehicles. Soldiers are mounted on 1/2-inch-square bases, generally 2-4 figures per stand.
Contents Game set includes the rulebook (98 pages bound with an transparent plastic cover -- including 33 pages of rules, and 26 single-sided unit organization pages) and 104 8.5" x 11" data and game cards. Required pair of percentile dice not included.
Designer Bruce Conard (Majconard@aol.com)
Publisher First edition published 1993 by FEBA Ltd.

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Jake Rose CPT, USA (jakecaro@sinfo.net)

I recently purchased Battle Captain from Bruce Conard.

First, let me tell you about customer support. It is awesome. I emailed Mr. Conard a few questions after reading the rules, and was answered promptly. The extensive data cards did not cover a couple of my favorite vehicles. Mr. Conard made some and emailed them to me. He also emailed me scenario material including force structure and map.

Now about the game: It is very quick playing and fun. I have played several company sized attacks against platoon defenses in about 2 hours a game. A company sized recon/counter recon battle took a little longer as much more maneuver was involved, and recon forces are by nature reluctant to sit and slug it out. The sequence plays intuitively and smoothly.

I know many gamers seem to shy away from tactical level games, but this is one game that is enjoyable and is worth giving a try. Because of the tactical scale, gamers can purchase figures from several nations in modern and W.W.II flavors to vary their games. You do not need to commit massive resources into an army that is only good for 1 or 2 scenarios. This ability for players to fight battles from many fronts and time periods (W.W.II to present) at a small price per unit makes this game a winner.

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Online Resources

Designer's Notes
Bruce Conard explains the design philosophy behind Battle Captain.
Data Index
The complete listing of vehicle data cards and weapon data entries from the Battle Captain rules set.
Rules Questions and Clarifications
Official answers from the publisher.
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