Sand, Oil and Blood

Brief Description The rules cover land warfare (and supporting air forces), with tables of organization and data charts for all of the nations which participated in Desert Storm. Includes rules for boats, aircraft and helicopters, morale, smoke, thermal sights, and chemical and biological weapons. Advanced rules cover such things as B-52 strikes, tactical doctrine and fire discipline, engineering, night operations, weather and crew training.
Period Desert Storm (liberation of Kuwait)
Scale Tactical. Ground scale is 1" = 50 meters. One combat turn = 1 minute. Each miniature represents an individual vehicle or boat. Infantry are grouped into fireteams/squads of 2-14 men. Intended for use with 1/285 or 1/300 scale miniatures.
Basing Individual. Suggests using counters for infantry.
Contents 122-page rulebook
Designers Martin Fenelon and Kevin Cabal
Publisher Published 1991 by Sutton Hoo Games, a division of Simtac.

What You Think

Jim P. (

We use Sand, Oil & Blood (a Gulf War game) as the basis for modern microarmor, but have to add things like troop morale that is bit higher than the Iraqis (as that is the only "red force" they provide for). While the mechanics of this game seem accurate enough, it plays out well...and yes, a Challenger or M1A1 is nearly undefeatable head it should be ;)

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