Wargames Rules 1950-2000

Brief Description Wargames rules for all arms of land warfare, from platoon to battalion level. These are rules suitable to recreate any conflicts of the modern period. Play emphasises tactics, command, and control, rather than extremely detailed weapons resolution. The rules include a tournament point system for assembling an army, random terrain creation and weather. Also included: command, control and communications, morale, spotting, direct fire, artillery, air strikes, airborne operations, helicopters and field engineering. The rules booklet includes a very comprehensive and up to date list of weapons and vehicles, with stats and years of front-line service, from many countries.
Period Modern
Scale Tactical. 5 minutes for one enemy and one friendly 'bound,' which are assumed to overlap each other. Suggested ground scales are 1" = 50m for 1/300 or 1/285 scale miniatures, 1" = 25m for 1/200 scale miniatures, or 1" = 10m for larger miniatures.
Basing An individual vehicle is represented by one miniature. Infantry are represented by fire-team stands, or 2-man stands for larger scales.
Contents 64-page rules booklet
Designer Phil Barker
Publisher Current edition published 1993 by Wargames Research Group

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Note: Wargames Rules 1925 to 1950 is a 100% compatible set of rules for the WWII period.

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