Close And Destroy

Brief Description This game is dedicated to depicting what combat would be like during a NATO/Warsaw Pact confrontation in Europe. Although such a battle seems less likely now than when this game was published, much of the data in this book is still of use for modern warfare in general. This is a tactical game of individual vehicles and infantry squads.
Period Modern
Scale Tactical. 1 minute per turn. Ground scale is variable; suggested scales include 50 meters equalling 1 cm., 1 inch, or 5 inches. Rules suggest that each figure represent an individual vehicle; infantry are represented by squad and fire-team stands.
Basing Individual vehicles. Infantry squads are mounted on 1"-square bases, fire teams on 1/2"-square bases.
Contents 64-page rules booklet
Designer H.N. Voss
Publisher First edition published 1986 by TimeLine Ltd.

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What You Think

Gregory Morris (

I recently purchased Close and Destroy from my local hobby shop, and was pleasantly surprised. I have been looking for a realistic yet playable wargame for some time, the ones I have looked at before have been extremely complex (Harpoon). Close and Destroy is the perfect mix of realism and playabilty. I would recommend this gaming system to anybody who is interested in an excellent and playable gaming system.

James Leach (
I believe Close and Destroy is the single best modern armor game on the market. It is even rated as best overall by Armor Magazine from Fort Knox, Kentucky - they are the final word on all armor studies in the United States.

The only thing about the game that I believe needs improvement is the Turn Sequence. (It's kind of clunky and could be simplified greatly.) I wish they would put out more information about other nations' vehicles which are out there. (Example: French, Italian, Czech, etc.) However, it is very accurate about the information that it does provide for the Gerrmans, British, USA, and the CIS/Warsaw Pact.

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