Eric Tadevich (

Hi! I just bought the Challenger 2000 rulebook and its supplement: Modern Equipment Handbook, Part 1 by TableTop Games of the UK.

In the Modern Equip. Handbook (MEH), it states that MEH Part 2 will contain details on: Arty, Mortars, AA Guns, SAMs, Helicopters, etc. MEH Part 1 however is circa 1994, and all of my experienced friends say that this was never published. Can you help me find out if it indeed is or is not for sale (possibly only in the UK?) Or put me in touch with someone that can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

Wes Smith (

The second supplement book for Challenger 2000 is out. Here is the reply that I got from Brookhurst in an inquiry I made a month ago:

Yes, Modern Equipment Handbook #2 is now avaliable. Stock #0911, price $12.98.

Hope that helps
Erik - Brookhurst Hobbies
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