Beer and Pretzels Skirmish

Brief Description Fast-playing rules intended to provide the feel of quick, sharp skirmishes between squads and platoons. Bookkeeping is minimized. The system is designed so that experienced gamers can play using only the reference sheet. An order chip system allows leaders to give orders to their men; unordered men receive random orders. Vehicles are represented at the crewman level. Clever combat rules allow troops to shoot as fire teams while constraining their field of fire. Infantrymen take Wounds, and a death in a team forces a morale check. Optional rules cover paratroops, artillery, gliders, close air support, advanced line of sight, and objectives; there are also guidelines on how to amend the rules for your own purposes. Included are eight well-presented scenarios (six for WWII, one for WWI, and one for Vietnam War), plus 20 pages of data charts.
Period 20th Century
Scale Each inch on the tabletop represents 4 meters of actual ground. Each turn in BAPS represents 30 seconds of real time. Each figure represents an individual combatant. The designer uses 20mm figures, but says the rules work well for 25mm and 15mm too.
Basing Individual
Contents 72-page spiral-bound rulebook, 8 1/2" x 14" reference sheet
Designer John R. "Buck" Surdu
Publisher Edition 1.2 published 1997 by Battles for Empire Publications

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Online Resources

Publisher's Web Page
Latest information on the game, plus designer notes.
Publisher's Update Page
Lists changes between versions of the rules, plus designer notes on machineguns.
Proposed Changes to V1.1
The designer clues us in as to the rules changes he is thinking to make for the next edition.
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