Tactical Command

Brief Description Fast-playing rules for modern combat, in modular form
Period Modern (post-WWII)
Ground Scale 1" = 20 meters
Time Scale 1 turn = 24 seconds
Figure Scale Each figure represents a single ground vehicle or aircraft; system does not yet cover infantry
Miniature ScalesDesigned for use with 1/285 and 1/300 scale miniatures
Basing Individual
Contents There are two versions:
  • The Core Rules set consists of zip-loc bags with the rules and order counters
  • The Boxed Set includes the Core Rules set, plus 1/285th miniatures (from C-in-C) and lichen (for terrain)
Designer Scot Hunt
Publisher Medallion Simulations

Supplements Available

Advanced Armour Supplement

Includes 3 charts to broaden the scope of available units. One sheet each for NATO/Euro units, WARPAC/CIS, and US.

ATGM Supplement

A rules booklet and more unit data. Expands on the rules to allow for missile combat.

What You Think

Jeffery M. Miller (Jeffery.M.Miller@Dartmouth.EDU)

TC is a quick-to-learn system that can be set up and engaged in very little time. The 'game balance over realism' that a previous reviewer mentions (wherein a T-72 can stop an M1 in head-to-head) works very well; 'kills' are not assumed to be brew-ups, but can be system kills, immobility kills, etc. And, anecdote and GenDyn advertisement aside, a 125mm APFSDS round can cause a careless M1A1 to have A Bad Day in Real Life, which TC allows for.

The system lacks morale rules and unit cohesion concerns (both omissions decried by some but embraced by this reviewer for the speed-of-play it allows), but these will possibly be addressed in the Arty/Inf Supplement when it gets released.

(Mr Hunt assures me that the new rules, whatever they include, play very well!)

Jim P. (

Look to Tactical Command if game balance without regard for realism is more important. This modular set of rules covers MBTs and all other vehicles in one module, and ATGMs in another.

These rules are easy to learn and easy to use, but a T-72 has no problem brewing up an M1A1 in a head-on engagement. Also another problem with this system is that the Infantry and Artillery supplement is six months overdue and no word on when - or if - it will ever come out...

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The First Unofficial WebPage for Tactical Command
Overview of the game - plus clarifications, variants, tweaks and additions - by Jeffery M. Miller (Jeffery.M.Miller@Dartmouth.EDU).

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