Modern Africa

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Rules for skirmish-scale actions featuring modern African combat forces vs. each other or Western powers. Rules cover infantry, armor, artillery, air strikes, command and control, and morale. The game system is designed to be fast-playing while retaining realism. Special features include frequent vehicle breakdowns, sub-commanders who don't always function, and reaction fire triggered by ineffective attacks. The last two pages of the rules booklet are printed on heavy paper, and serve as reference pages listing all needed charts and tables. Two scenarios are provided (Magadishu 1996 and Biafra 1969). Includes designer's notes and complete list of the Modern African Wars product line.

Period Modern Africa (post-WWII)
Ground Scale 1" = 10 yards
Time Scale not stated
Figure Scale 1 figure = 1 leader or 3-5 soldiers
1 model = 1 gun or vehicle
Miniature Scales15mm scale. "Written for use with Peter Pig's Modern African Wars line of figures"
Leaders individualbasing illustration
Soldiers 3 figures on 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" base
Weapon Teams weapon and crew on base sized as needed
Vehicles individual (bases optional)
Contents 28-page plastic-bound rules booklet, including a clear plastic template page [must be cut out]
plastic template page
Designer Craig Martelle (
Publisher First printing 1999 by Gauntlet Publications.

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