Article Indexes

Indexes to help you to find information from published sources.

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The Entry Format

Each article is listed in the index in this form:

Name of the Article
Further explanation (if needed)
Magazine Volume Number:Issue Number, Length
Length is a rough estimate only, and is given in terms of that publication's page length (discounting advertisements and irrelevant graphics). Very small items are noted as "capsule" length.

Magazines Covered

This index regularly indexes information about articles published in these periodicals:

MagazineIssues Indexed
Hailshot1:3, 2:1 - 2:4
Miniature Wargames139 - 154
Naval SITREP1:1 - 1:6
Naval Wargaming Reviewall
The Reiter10:3 - 11:4

On a less regular basis, we also index these magazines:

The Courier64, 68 - 69
Command Post10
Inquisitor11 - 12
Kriegspiel Newsletter27 - 28
Wargames Illustrated83

Last Updates
30 July 1998added link to another searchable database
27 March 1996added Naval SITREP 6
18 March 1996added Courier 69
9 March 1996added Command Post 10
3 March 1996expanded article indices
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